Sweet Knee Bubbly Soap Giveaway & Natural Essentials Gift Certificate

27 Feb

When we think of a baby, one can’t help but think of how innocent a baby is and as a mother you would do anything to protect your baby. But do you know that the average baby is born with about 2oo chemicals already present in their tiny body?

Baby Skin care products are often laced with toxic chemicals and one of my mission is to seek out natural gentle skin care for my babies.  Here is one of the many baby wash that I love and used on my babies.  Sweet Knee Bubbly Soap

Sweet Knee Bubbly Soap

We are giving away a Sweet Knee Bubbly Soap  and a $5 Gift Certificate to Natural Pure Essentials

Sweet Knee Bubbly Soap is 100% natural castile soap that is infused with calendula and mandarin. The bubbly soap dispenses in a light as air fluffy puff and it is nice to just use your hands with this product to rub on baby. Sweet Knee soap is free of

surfactants, synthetic preservatives and parabens and is gluten free

Ingredients:  saponified oils of cocos nucifere (coconot)*, olea europaea (olive)*, and simmondsia chinensis (jojoba)*, aloe vera*, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) extract, citrus reticulata (mandarin) essential oil* and cal. officinalis (calendula) extract*

We use Sweet Knee Bubbly Soap as a baby wash, shampoo and it is also great for making baby wipe solution for cloth wipes.

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My love affair with Essential Oils

15 Feb
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My love affair with essential oils began when my husband and I were researching how to treat swollen adenoids and tonsils without surgery. We kept seeing essential oils are great for getting rid of bacteria and infections which was causing the swelling….and is better than surgery. Hmmm are essentials oils that powerful I thought to myself.? So I  decided to learn more about them.

What are essentials Oils?

Essential oils are found or stored in different parts of plants. For example, lemon essential oil is extracted from the rinds from the peel, rose essentials oil is extracted from the flowers, sandalwood from the woody part of the plant.  The oil can be extracted from the plant using various methods and the rest is highly concentrated aromatic oil.

I can’t really remember which essentials oils I purchased first but I do own quite a few.

Why do I love them so much? Well I love their ability to  “take my breath away” … it is like being transported to smell heaven. I also love essential oils  for their many of health benefits. Just yesterday I woke up with a severe sore throat, my head felt congested and nose was clogged and I felt like a mess.  I filled the tub with some hot water, add some rosemary, eucalyptus, tea tree and lavender essential oils and climbed in Aahhh!! A hot bath with aromatic essential oils…you can’t beat that. I took a long soak and by the time I got out of the tub, my head and nose felt clear and I felt much better.

I use essential oil a lot especially during the winter to keep germs away. I use them at bath time to calm the kids down after a long day  and I love body butter, creams or soaps that have being scented with pure essential oils…not fragrances which are synthetic and for some reason gives me headaches.

Many of us are accustomed to relying on over the counter drugs to solve many of our ailments but did you know that essential oils can be used to ease many everyday ailments? For example peppermint and lavender are great for headaches, eucalyptus, ginger, lemon, rosemary for colds,  peppermint and rosemary for joint pain.

While essential oils offer a lot of health benefits, they should be used with caution. Some essential oils should not be used while pregnant or on babies and other like cinnamon may irritate the skin. Essential oils should be diluted in a vegetable oil otherwise known as a carrier oil before using on the skin.

Herbal Teas For Colds and Hacking Coughs

22 Jan

Recently we were at a play group and a few of the kids were sick so I was not surprised when my girls ended up a cold and a hacking cough.
I knew right away it was going to be a bad cold so got my garlic oil ready and made a batch of elderberry, mullein, and yarrow tea. The mullein and elderberry tea have an expectorant effect so my girls “noses” were just running tons of clear mucus. It got a bit overwhelming that I had to suction the noses every few minutes so I decided to stop the tea for day. Once I stop the tea the mucus production slowed down and I thought good….until the next day I regretted stopping the tea. No One slept that night. Poor girls were up all night with a dry, hacking cough. After several hours of trying to persuade my little 2 year old to take some onion cough syrup, she got tired and took it and went out like a light within 5 minutes. Needless to say tea was brewing the next morning. Elderberry and mullein tea work by keeping the mucus loose so the body can get rid of it which makes them great for hacking coughs and whooping coughs.
There are so many blends of teas you can use to heal and help a cold. I often use catnip, lemon balm and chamomile in the teas help relax and soothe if the kids are cranky and fussy along with the elderberry tea or honey and lemon for sore throats. Nothing beats a warm cup of tea.

Eco Nuts Soap Nuts Review

8 Jan

When I first read someone’s blog that they were using Eco Nuts soap nuts to wash their cloth diapers, I thought to myself how can a bunch of nuts clean stinky cloth diapers. I  must say that I was intrigued by these nuts because I started researching Eco Nuts and even asked a few moms who used them “how well do they clean the diapers”? I also contacted the owners of Eco Nuts and they explained all the benefits of using Eco Nuts to me and sent me some information.

What Caught My Eyes on the brochures was that they were NOT MAN MADE.

Eco Nuts™  Soap Nuts are a berry that grows in the Himalayas that naturally produces a soap. The soap is called saponin, a natural cleaner that works as a surfactant, breaking the surface tension of the water to penetrate the fibers of your clothing, lifting stains from the fabric and leaving dirt suspended in the water that is rinsed away. Eco Nuts™ are wild-harvested, meaning they are gathered from wild trees grown without any kind of chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides. The saponin actually tastes bad to insects so no pesticides are needed, and the trees naturally love poor uncultivated soil

Both my girls have eczema and detergent is just one of the many things that cause a flare up. I was out of my element because I though this would the perfect detergent for us but I was also nervous because I didn’t really believe that the nuts would work.

I got a few samples of both the nuts and the liquid. I told you before that I didn’t trust the nuts so I tried the liquid first. The dryer didn’t even come to a complete stop before I grabbed the diapers out of the dryer and sniffed…NOTHING… absolutely nothing! I ran to the living room and gave the diapers to my mother-in-law to smell and she said “Hmm I don’t smell anything.” I then ran to my husband and gave the diapers to him to do the smell test.  “I don’t smell anything he told me.  I told him that I washed the diapers with the Eco Nuts detergent. He said to me “there you go now you have a soap for the girls that you don’t need to worry about.”

A few days later we lost power. I had to hand wash my diapers so I decided to use the Eco nuts since I was still testing them but I also didn’t want to use anything else that could cause any skin irritations since I wasn’t going be wearing a gloves. I am happy to report that they came out nice and clean.

After about a month, I finally decided it was time to try the nuts and I will tell you I that cheated and added some liquid as well…I know.  The second time I didn’t though and must say there was no big difference in how they cleaned the diapers. Now that I got used to using the nuts, I can’t decide which I love better the nuts or the liquid.

After testing out the Eco nuts soap for a few months and I haven’t had any issues with it, I decided to add it to our store Natural Pure Essentials . If you have used Eco nuts, feel free to leave a comment on how it works for you.

Flip Organic Day Pack Clearance Sale

4 Jan

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9 things that can cause a diaper rash

13 Dec

Recently our daughter developed some diaper rash all over her bum and coincidentally her diaper reeked with ammonia that morning so I naturally assumed it was the ammonia that was causing the rash.  I had some Earth mama angel baby diaper cream and I applied the cream on the rash. The rash however came back the next day and I was puzzled hmmm…must be ammonia because she is sleeping for 10 1/2 hr straight without a diaper change. Yet in the back of my head I am thinking she has never had this bad of a rash before.  It was wasn’t until my hubby said pointed out that our older daughter was having an eczema break out that I realize that the rash had nothing to do with ammonia it was a reaction to a new food. I just re introduce barley flour and that was causing the rash. There are so many things that can cause a diaper rash  that we have to pay close attention when trying to figure out what is the cause.

So what are some causes of diaper rash?

  1. Infrequent diaper changes is the most common cause of diaper rash
  2. Sensitivity to feces and urine- some babies have super  sensitve skin and will break out no matter how quickly you change them
  3. Sensitivity to synthetic fiber cloth diapers
  4. Sensitivtiy to chemicals in disposable diapers and wipes
  5. Eczema
  6. Teething – some babies will develop diaper rash while  teething
  7. Food Allergies- especially when introducing baby to new foods watch for diaper rash as it is a sign of food allergy.
  8. Detergent /Soap- cloth diapered babies can have allergic reaction to some laundry detergent
  9. Yeast infection

Eczema Herbal Tea Bath

11 Dec

One of things I love to do for the girls is to give them a herbal tea bath for their eczema. Herbs such as  burdock root, red clover, nettle are great at detoxing the body. Calendula, chickweed, and chamomile heals, soothes broken skin and ease the itching. Soaking in warm water also rehydrates the skin.

You can make the tea by either placing the herbs in a muslim bag and let the hot water run through the bag to make the tea.

2. You can steep the herbs in a pot, strain and add to the bath water or steep the herbs in a cup and make into a strong tea then add to the bath.

Once herbal tea is added to the bath, let the kids soak in it for a good 20 minutes. Then add a lot of natural moisturizer such as shea butter or a shea butter base moisturizer to the skin.