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Using Breast Milk as Medicine

2 May
Breast milk -- the original "breakfast of...

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I was awaken in the middle of the night by my hubby asking me “what are we going to give her, she is complaining that her ear hurts and her right eye is red. ” Ok so half asleep and got to think fast. The Poor little thing was in pain. By this time the baby is up, so we all trek downstairs. I warmed some garlic oil and  dropped 2 drops in her ache, then I checked out her eye and it was indeed red. I drop some breast milk in the eye and sent her to bed. The next morning the earache was gone and the eye was a little red. I wiped the eye with warm water and added some more breast milk. Within two days the pink eye was gone. I have always used breast milk in the kids eyes not antibiotics… and for some reason I started to think what I am going to do when my little one are no longer nursing. Of course there are other remedies but breast milk is free and readily available. I will surely miss it.

 Breastmilk  has white blood cells which are responsible for defending the body against infections and diseases;  it can be used to heal and cure illness.  Breast milk is good for diaper rash, pink eye, cuts, scrapes, sore cracked nipples, ear infections  and I recently informed that it can be used to kill certain cancer. So while breast milk provides nutrition for babies, remember it is great to keep some for the occasional cuts and scrapes or minor illness.


Where are the Nursing Dolls-Toy r us

29 Dec

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 I recently saw an ad by Toy r us for ciccibello doll. When the baby cry’s you have a choice of three bottles to give the baby and one of that choice is juice . Say what! Juice for a baby! I understand that sometimes you may need to feed your baby milk from a bottle but juice for a baby then off course comes the pacifier. Maybe I am overreacting but children live what they see. They learn about parenting base on what they see their parents and other people around them care for babies and they replay the scenarios with their own toys. What is this doll really reinforcing about the way to comfort and soothe a baby. As I said, I might be over reacting.


Cicciobello is doing poorly, He cries and his cheeks glow red, Check his temperature with the special ear thermometer, Maybe he needs a drink? Find the right one to make him feel better, it could be his milk, juice or he may need some medicine, Maybe he needs an injection?, When he is feeling better he stops crying, Give him his dummy and he’ll fall fast asleep. 1 Cicciobello Doll, 1 ear thermometer, 3 bottles (milk, juice and medicine), 1 dummy, 1 syringe and 1 stethoscope


My daughter is always walking around the house nursing her baby but recently grandmother gave her a doll with singing baby bottle and it drives me up the wall. Problem is now my daughter is interested in bottle feeding instead of nursing her doll the way she used to and I feel she is getting confused. I asked her the other day, where does milk comes from and she says bottle then corrects herself and says mommy’s breast. This christmas I wanted to get her a nursing doll and there is none in the big retail stores. I know that they are available at natural stores but they are quite expensive.

So why does this upset me so much…the absense of nursing dolls in major stores says alot about us as a society and our views on breastfeeding. We are subconsciously teaching our kids how to be afraid of their bodies and its natural functions by giving them dolls with bottles. Consequently, we have a society that is afraid of nursing mothers and their breast. Every mammal nurse their young…but we question mother nature’s wisdom. So if you think I am overreacting then why doesn’t any of these big toy retailer stores sell nursing dolls…can you imagine the backlash they would recieve…that’s my point we have a problem with mom nursing  her baby. It should be done in secret behind closed doors. Selling nursing dolls would mean we as a society would have to come to terms with our fears of the breast. Hence the dolls with the bottles.

Mastitis-do you need antibotics

8 Sep

I was out enjoying walking with my little one when my friend call me and gave me some disturbing news. I went home and decided to fold some laundry when I suddenly felt sick. I thought it was the flu for a few seconds but then remembered that you just don’t get the flu within a few minutes. My husband came home later and I told him I didn’t feel well. By the morning, my right breast had a huge lump that was hard as a rock and ached badly. I just wanted the sore, red, hot, hard, lump and pain to go away. I nursed and nursed and nursed and tried every possible nursing positions to try to drain the breast.

I was scared so I call the doctor and got an antibiotic prescription as a back up plan but I was determined to find a way to get rid of the mastitis without antibiotics. I looked up doctor Jack Newman and Kellysmom and found out that if I took care of the mastitis within 24 hours I may not need to use antibiotics.

  • I massaged and combed the breast while taking a hot shower then nurse the baby with baby’s nose right over the sore site. This took some special maneuvering but helped. I would also masage the breast while nursing. Be care not to over massage because that can cause soreness to an already sore breast. 
  • I nursed very often, for long periods of time and after nursing, I applied a cold ice pack 
  • I used cold cabbage leaves
  • I used compress from grated potatoes …only if I knew about earth mama angel baby bosom buddies.
  • Drank a ton of water and rested mostly in the couch all day

I can’t say for sure which method worked the best but I do know my mastitis was gone within 24 hrs of vigilantly working on the breast. I never experienced mastits or plugged ducts again but it was one breastfeeding experience I do not want to live through again. not have to.

The Guilty Nursing Mom

31 Jul

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 I knew before we had our baby that I was going to breastfeed so when our
daughter was born there was no question of how she would be fed. Nursing
proved  to be a challenge in the first 3 weeks as I battle engorgement, sore
and  cracked nipples. We saw a lactation consultant, and with her help and that of my husband, I was on my way to becoming a nursing pro. I nursed my daughter everywhere including while standing in lines at Disney. We had a very strong nursing  bond and nursing seemed to solve all our problems. 

When my daughter turned 18 months, we began trying for another baby and got pregnant immediately. I  wanted to nurse during pregnancy and my midwife approved as long  as I kept myself hydrated and ate well which I did. I nursed for the first 4 months and we were all fine. But by the time I got to five months, I did not want to nurse anymore. My nipples were sore, I hated every moment that I had to nurse. I also noticed I would get very aggressive with my daughter when she would try to  nurse. I soon started to feel very angry at myself for not wanting to nurse her and  was even confused about the intensity of emotions that I was feeling. Pretty soon, I weaned her and replace nursing with reading, singing, rocking and wearing her in the baby carrier. I hoped that we would be able tandem nurse once  the baby was born even though that mean i would have to hear about it from my in-laws.

When our 2nd daughter was born, Ambroisa  would occasionally ask to nurse but I found I was too exhausted to tandem  nurse and by the time I was ready, she had forgotten how to latch. She would  look at me and say mommy, they don’t work. We tried several other times but she completely lost the ability to latch on and would bite me instead. We finally gave up on tandem nursing and for many reason I was  not willing to try to  teach her to nurse. I still find that I am upset at myself for weaning her when I was pregnant even though I knew  it was the right thing to do then. I  feel the guilt of weaning her will haunt my for a very long time.

Breast milk supply-Do you make too much milk?

28 May
My Mommy's Milk

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We talked a lot about low breast milk supply but what about those moms who have an oversupply of breast milk. I had so much milk that there were times that I thought about  donating milk to a milk bank for less fortunate babies. My daughters would choke at every feeding and come up gasping for air.  Now my toddler when she nurses her dolls she says “mommy my baby choking on my milk” and does the back blows because that’s what I would do with her sister.

How do you know if you have too much milk?

  • Your baby chokes a lot while drinking especially during a let-down and will let go of the breast.
  • Spit up a lot of milk
  • May cry a lot because because he/she cannot settle down to nurse and as a result  gets hungry
  • Nurses on and off during a feeding session so as to be able to the handle the strong milk flow

How to handle too much milk?

  • Offer one breast per feeding. Some moms do the same breast for 2 feedings before offering the other side. The other breast will get full which will signal to the brain to make less milk since the milk is not being removed.
  • Do not let the breast get too engorged as the baby will have a hard time getting a proper latch and will have too much milk which will of course lead to choking.
  • If you have to pump, pump when the baby would normally feed.
  • Change your nursing position.  Try a more semi-upright position with the baby’s head  position higher than the breast. I would use a recliner and put the baby upright on me to nurse. I also found nursing while laying down helped as she would allow some of the milk to leak out on the side.
  • Some herbs like peppermint and parsley are known to slow milk production. Sage is also good but should not be consumed in large doses or for long periods of time.
  • Stay away from milk producing herbs like fennel, alfalfa, fenugreek, blessed thistle, nettle etc

As the baby gets older, they also learn to deal with the supply issue and the milk seem to have a way of regulating itself too as the months go by.

Based on several mom suggestion I am updating this post to include donating your milk. A few places to start

Please share any other links you might know of

La Leche League Conference/Exhibition 2010

18 Apr

This was our first LLL Conference and it was a great experience. We met a lot of great families and exhibitors there. The hotel was filled with nursing moms and tons of baby wearing dads too.  Our 6 months old daughter, Madison, was with mommy all day which was fun. I wore her in our moby and ergo, nursed her at our booth. She slept in the carriers and when she was awake, she charmed everyone with her coos and squeals.


LaLeche League Conference

15 Apr

I have being missing in action for a while now.  Life has being really busy and overwhelming for the past few weeks. There were days I logged into WordPress to blog and the page remained there untouched for the entire day. So I decided it was time to step back, take a break and enjoy my family. I am slowing starting to get back to work and this weekend we are going to the LLL Conference in CT. I am excited and hoping all goes well.