9 things that can cause a diaper rash

13 Dec

Recently our daughter developed some diaper rash all over her bum and coincidentally her diaper reeked with ammonia that morning so I naturally assumed it was the ammonia that was causing the rash.  I had some Earth mama angel baby diaper cream and I applied the cream on the rash. The rash however came back the next day and I was puzzled hmmm…must be ammonia because she is sleeping for 10 1/2 hr straight without a diaper change. Yet in the back of my head I am thinking she has never had this bad of a rash before.  It was wasn’t until my hubby said pointed out that our older daughter was having an eczema break out that I realize that the rash had nothing to do with ammonia it was a reaction to a new food. I just re introduce barley flour and that was causing the rash. There are so many things that can cause a diaper rash  that we have to pay close attention when trying to figure out what is the cause.

So what are some causes of diaper rash?

  1. Infrequent diaper changes is the most common cause of diaper rash
  2. Sensitivity to feces and urine- some babies have super  sensitve skin and will break out no matter how quickly you change them
  3. Sensitivity to synthetic fiber cloth diapers
  4. Sensitivtiy to chemicals in disposable diapers and wipes
  5. Eczema
  6. Teething – some babies will develop diaper rash while  teething
  7. Food Allergies- especially when introducing baby to new foods watch for diaper rash as it is a sign of food allergy.
  8. Detergent /Soap- cloth diapered babies can have allergic reaction to some laundry detergent
  9. Yeast infection

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