Different Ways You Can Use Chinese Prefold Cloth Diapers

19 Sep

Chinese Prefold Diapers- Regular White

There is nothing fancy about chinese prefold diapers… no owls, airplanes, flowers, just a plain old white/natural color. Yet chinese prefolds with all its dullness delivers you up versatility that no other diaper can do at an awesomely great price.

For starters when it comes to diapering a newborn, chinese prefold diapers gives you more bang for your bucks. We all know that a newborn goes through a ton of diapers in a day so for about $24 per dozen you just can’t beat that.

Chinese prefolds are real work horse diapers. These diapers just keep on going and going. Even when your prefolds start to fall apart, you can still use them unlike other diapers.  I have some 4x6x4 and after 4 years of rigorous washing, dryer and wearing, the top layers are starting to come off so I took off the top layer and now I have 4x5x4. Guess what, I now use these as doublers in our all in one diapers at nights. What? I am not going to throw them out, my daughter is potty training so why buy new ones.

When it comes to putting on a prefold diaper the possibilities are endless. Jelly roll, newspaper fold, angle twist fold and all the other ways we fold them that just don’t have an official name yet. Try putting on your AIO anyway you please tell me if it works.

You can use them as inserts in pocket diapers, a  doubler for night-time diapers or as a burp cloth. Prefolds are much better at catching baby’s spit up than those tiny burp cloth anyways.

Potty training time? Prefold diaper makes an excellent training diaper for around the house just put them on without a cover and voila you are ready for potty training. Your child will feel when the diaper is wet since there is no cover to trap the body heat and keep the diaper warm and you can feel it too.  If you are the sewing type, go ahead and convert them into training pants.

Is it just too hot out? Let your little one roam about in a prefold without a cover. Since prefold diapers are all cotton and thus breathable they are great to use  during the summer to keep baby’s bum cool.

Baby Got Diaper Rash? Loosely pin a prefold on the baby to allow air to circulate  and help the diaper rash heal.

Prefolds diapers are one of the easiest diapers to clean. You can even hand wash them which is great in all sort of unexpected situations.

So If I were ever to have to pick just one type of diaper, it would be my never  can die CHINESE PREFOLDS.

By the way, when cloth diapering days are done there a tons of things you can use them for like cleaning car, dusting etc….told you these things never die.

Chinese prefolds diapers are available at Natural Pure Essentials in natural and white. http://www.naturalpureessentials.com/prefold-diapers.html


One Response to “Different Ways You Can Use Chinese Prefold Cloth Diapers”

  1. Sheena January 31, 2013 at 1:09 am #

    Prefolds and Wool Covers are my lifesaver. I even went camping for a week with them, hand washed a load twice. Once they are beyond baby in the falling apart stage they make great cleaning rags too, I know this because the cleaner I know uses just that.

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