Baltic Amber Teething Necklcace- Do They Work?

7 Dec

Raw amber teething necklace

Teething can be hard on babies. Some babies may go through the teething stage without any problems while others experience a lot of pain, fever, diaper rash, vomiting. Many moms are now looking for natural ways to soothe their babies without having to rely on baby Tylenol since teething last for a long time. While there are many natural ways to soothe a little one while teething, such as using a natural teethers,  hyland teething tables, chamomilla, I have totally fallen in love with Baltic amber teething necklace.

Amber necklace is relatively new to us in the US but not to Europe. Europeans have being using Baltic amber teething necklace for centuries to  soothe the babies.  Amber beads contain succinic acid, a substance that is present in both mammals and plants so I like the idea of using it as it is not a foreign substance.

Does Amber Teething Necklace Work?

Many people dismiss amber necklaces as  fake but they are not. Succinic acid  is present in living tissues including humans and plays a central role in providing oxygen to the cells within our bodies. Succinic acid is used in several fields including the medical field to treat mitochondrial disorder, anemia since its supplies the bodies cell with oxygen and is used also as sedative.

I cannot claimed to understand how amber works but one of the most noticable difference since my daughter started wearing  hers is NO Drooling. Some how she manages to be putting out 2 molars and 2 other teeth without drooling. I recently saw in a forum where a mom said her pediatrician says that amber as a drying effect on the body which might explain the no drooling. I have also noticed that she doesn’t get very cranky when the teeth are coming out but still wants to be held….I can take wanting to be held any day over cranky. Also I haven’t had to use any chamomilla or hylands teethingtablets.

I have forgotten to put the necklace on her once for 2 days and she got so irritable and that she wouldn’t sleep. I sent my hubby out at 11pm to get some Tylenol for her. After he left, I realized that she wasn’t wearing her necklace so I put the necklace back on, nursed her in our boba carrier and she finally went to sleep.  The next day she was fine so we return the Tylenol.

I know there is not much research done on amber necklace but that is always the case when it comes to natural alternative medicine or treatment as there is no money to be made so no one pays attention to it. I know there is no one solution to any problem but this was money well spent for me.


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Looking for a natural way to ease pain associated with teething? Amber teething necklace has being used for generation in Europe as a natural teething remedy because of its natural analgesic, antiinflammatory and pain reducing properties. I have being using it with our daughter and it works wonders…no drooling and she cuts teething without the need for pain meds.

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How to hand wash cloth diapers

4 Nov

Hand Washing cloth diapers is not a New Concept at all. In fact, back in the days when there were no washing machines, cloth diapering moms would hand washed their baby’s cloth diapers. I remember my mom soaking and hand washing my sister’s diapers. Still, I wouldn’t have thought I would be hand washing cloth diapers because we have a washing machine.

The very first time I hand washed my daughter’s diapers we were away on vacation. Why would I want to hand wash while on vacation…after all I should be relaxing. Well, I had brought along hybrid diapers but found that I preferred to use my prefolds and AIO at nights instead of the hybrids. Since I only had about 4 diapers, it made more sense to toss them in a bucket than in a machine.

The second time I had to hand it was not by choice but out of necessity. You see last week’s storm, Alfred, left us without power for a week so I jolly well had to roll up my sleeves and get washing. Many people today still choose to hand wash their baby’s cloth diapers. If you are not one of those people, it is still good to know how to as you never know when you might need to. By the way, hand washing diapers is not as hard as it sounds.

Lets get to how to wash cloth diapers by hand

    You can either use a wash bucket or the bath tub. A wash basin/bucket is ideal for a few diapers and the bath tub for a big load.
    Fill bucket or tub with cold water and add diapers. Swish the diapers around to give them a quick rinse. If the diapers are really soiled, you can let them soak for a minutes or overnight. Drain the tub and you are ready to wash the diapers.
    Add hot/warm water to the tub/ bucket, detergent and diapers. Scrub the diapers by rubbing or moving the diapers back and forth between your hands. Some moms have reported that they use a plunger to agitate the diapers….for me I like to use my hands. By the way, feel free to wear gloves.

Drain the tub and add water to rinse the diapers out. Wring out the excess water and hang dry on a drying rack etc.

Are there any benefits to hand washing cloth diapers?

    Yes, hand washing Gets rid of diaper stains better than the washing machine wash. With hand washing you can really focus on areas that need ‘ extra attention’.
    Hand washing is gentler than machine washing so hand washing may extend the life of your diapers.

How to make garlic oil for ear infections

26 Oct

Garlic oil is a staple in our house especially during the cold season. Here is how to make garlic oil.

Slice or Chop Garlic

Add garlic to the container

Add enough olive oil to cover the garlic

Let the garlic sit in the oil for a few hours until you smell that garlic aroma. You can also gently warm to oil for about 5 minutes. The oil should not be hot!. You should be able to stick your finger in the oil and not get burn

Remove the garlic from the oil and your garlic oil is now ready to be used.

Natural easy cold and flu remedy

19 Oct
An Ikea garlic press, with pressed garlic.

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Its cold and flu season and while many are lining up to get the flu shot I am checking my fridge and cupboards to make sure that I have all my cold and flu essentials.

Without further ado here is my basic list

  • Garlic – garlic is a must have for cold and flu season. It is antibacterial and antiviral which makes it great for respiratory infections like a chest cold, bronchitis etc.

Uses – Garlic is most potent in its raw form but not easy on the stomach. So my favorite way to use garlic, especially for little ones, is in the form of  garlic oil . Garlic oil is quite simple to make just chop up a few cloves of garlic and cover with olive oil. You can allow the oil to sit for a few hours until you notice the garlic aroma or you can gently warm the oil for a few minutes. For ear infections,  warm the garlic oil and drop about 2 drops in the ear. You can place a cotton ball  in the ear or just let the child rest on their side for a few minutes so the oil can sit in the ear.  Garlic is often combine with mullein to make one of the best ear infection ear drop…better than any antibiotics. Do you know that you can put the garlic on the feet? The pores on our feet are really large so anything we rub on the feet gets absorbed quickly into the body . You can rub the garlic oil on the little ones’ feet at nights when they have a cold to help kills bacteria and viruses within the body ( put socks on their feet). Garlic can also be taken in the form of capsule well or mix into a cough/cold syrup.

  • Onion  is a milder version of garlic and has similar healing properties like garlic.

Uses –  Onion makes an excellent  cough syrup  as it helps to reduce the intensity and frequency of a cough. Onion is also makes an excellent ear pain reliever. Just cut the onion in half and warm it gently in a microwave.  Let the onion cool, then wrap in a towel or paper towel and apply it over the ear for 5-10 minutes or until the pain goes away.

  • Tea –  Hot/Warm teas are so great for soothing sore throats, getting rid of toxins in the body and has a soothing effect on the mind as well.  You can use many of the teas found right in your pantry or cupboards. Teas such as peppermint and  ginger are great to drink if you child develops a fever as they help “sweat the fever out”. Lemon and honey tea is great for sore throat but both lemon and honey have  antibacterial properties which also helps to kill bacteria. Try to use raw honey if possible since it  antibacterial. If you love herbs, there is elderberry tea, (elderberry can be made into a syrup) catnip, lemon balm, mullein are some excellent well-known tea for colds and flu.  Don’t forget chamomile tea for its ability to soothe and calm a cranky, irritable and agitated child.
  • Essential oils  Essentials oils are amazing as they are antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, etc. I have at least 1/2 doz essential oil,  my favorite being eucalyptus. Eucalyptus a must have for stuffy noses as it opens up the air ways to help you breathe easier. No need for petroleum synthetic vicks when you have the real thing.

Use – You can make a chest rub out of essentials oil by adding a carrier oil such as olive oil to eucalyptus, lemon, tea tree and lavender essential oil. I also love to add them to a diffuser/ humidifier or baths. If you are not into making your own chest rub or essential oil blend for a humidifer, I recommend Badger Balm Aromatic Chest Rub and Sweet Knee Breathe Essential Oil.  I make my own disinfectant spray from a blend of essentials oils rosemary, clove, eucalyptus in a vinegar base.

Of course for babies you need a good nasal aspirator. I love and use  babycomfynose nasal aspirator.

Mother nature has endowed us with so many plants that can aid us in protecting and healing our bodies.