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Sweet Knee Bubbly Soap Giveaway & Natural Essentials Gift Certificate

27 Feb

When we think of a baby, one can’t help but think of how innocent a baby is and as a mother you would do anything to protect your baby. But do you know that the average baby is born with about 2oo chemicals already present in their tiny body?

Baby Skin care products are often laced with toxic chemicals and one of my mission is to seek out natural gentle skin care for my babies.  Here is one of the many baby wash that I love and used on my babies.  Sweet Knee Bubbly Soap

Sweet Knee Bubbly Soap

We are giving away a Sweet Knee Bubbly Soap  and a $5 Gift Certificate to Natural Pure Essentials

Sweet Knee Bubbly Soap is 100% natural castile soap that is infused with calendula and mandarin. The bubbly soap dispenses in a light as air fluffy puff and it is nice to just use your hands with this product to rub on baby. Sweet Knee soap is free of

surfactants, synthetic preservatives and parabens and is gluten free

Ingredients:  saponified oils of cocos nucifere (coconot)*, olea europaea (olive)*, and simmondsia chinensis (jojoba)*, aloe vera*, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) extract, citrus reticulata (mandarin) essential oil* and cal. officinalis (calendula) extract*

We use Sweet Knee Bubbly Soap as a baby wash, shampoo and it is also great for making baby wipe solution for cloth wipes.

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My love affair with Essential Oils

15 Feb
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My love affair with essential oils began when my husband and I were researching how to treat swollen adenoids and tonsils without surgery. We kept seeing essential oils are great for getting rid of bacteria and infections which was causing the swelling….and is better than surgery. Hmmm are essentials oils that powerful I thought to myself.? So I  decided to learn more about them.

What are essentials Oils?

Essential oils are found or stored in different parts of plants. For example, lemon essential oil is extracted from the rinds from the peel, rose essentials oil is extracted from the flowers, sandalwood from the woody part of the plant.  The oil can be extracted from the plant using various methods and the rest is highly concentrated aromatic oil.

I can’t really remember which essentials oils I purchased first but I do own quite a few.

Why do I love them so much? Well I love their ability to  “take my breath away” … it is like being transported to smell heaven. I also love essential oils  for their many of health benefits. Just yesterday I woke up with a severe sore throat, my head felt congested and nose was clogged and I felt like a mess.  I filled the tub with some hot water, add some rosemary, eucalyptus, tea tree and lavender essential oils and climbed in Aahhh!! A hot bath with aromatic essential oils…you can’t beat that. I took a long soak and by the time I got out of the tub, my head and nose felt clear and I felt much better.

I use essential oil a lot especially during the winter to keep germs away. I use them at bath time to calm the kids down after a long day  and I love body butter, creams or soaps that have being scented with pure essential oils…not fragrances which are synthetic and for some reason gives me headaches.

Many of us are accustomed to relying on over the counter drugs to solve many of our ailments but did you know that essential oils can be used to ease many everyday ailments? For example peppermint and lavender are great for headaches, eucalyptus, ginger, lemon, rosemary for colds,  peppermint and rosemary for joint pain.

While essential oils offer a lot of health benefits, they should be used with caution. Some essential oils should not be used while pregnant or on babies and other like cinnamon may irritate the skin. Essential oils should be diluted in a vegetable oil otherwise known as a carrier oil before using on the skin.