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Sweet Knee Bubbly Soap Giveaway & Natural Essentials Gift Certificate

27 Feb

When we think of a baby, one can’t help but think of how innocent a baby is and as a mother you would do anything to protect your baby. But do you know that the average baby is born with about 2oo chemicals already present in their tiny body?

Baby Skin care products are often laced with toxic chemicals and one of my mission is to seek out natural gentle skin care for my babies.  Here is one of the many baby wash that I love and used on my babies.  Sweet Knee Bubbly Soap

Sweet Knee Bubbly Soap

We are giving away a Sweet Knee Bubbly Soap  and a $5 Gift Certificate to Natural Pure Essentials

Sweet Knee Bubbly Soap is 100% natural castile soap that is infused with calendula and mandarin. The bubbly soap dispenses in a light as air fluffy puff and it is nice to just use your hands with this product to rub on baby. Sweet Knee soap is free of

surfactants, synthetic preservatives and parabens and is gluten free

Ingredients:  saponified oils of cocos nucifere (coconot)*, olea europaea (olive)*, and simmondsia chinensis (jojoba)*, aloe vera*, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) extract, citrus reticulata (mandarin) essential oil* and cal. officinalis (calendula) extract*

We use Sweet Knee Bubbly Soap as a baby wash, shampoo and it is also great for making baby wipe solution for cloth wipes.

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