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Eczema Herbal Tea Bath

11 Dec

One of things I love to do for the girls is to give them a herbal tea bath for their eczema. Herbs such as  burdock root, red clover, nettle are great at detoxing the body. Calendula, chickweed, and chamomile heals, soothes broken skin and ease the itching. Soaking in warm water also rehydrates the skin.

You can make the tea by either placing the herbs in a muslim bag and let the hot water run through the bag to make the tea.

2. You can steep the herbs in a pot, strain and add to the bath water or steep the herbs in a cup and make into a strong tea then add to the bath.

Once herbal tea is added to the bath, let the kids soak in it for a good 20 minutes. Then add a lot of natural moisturizer such as shea butter or a shea butter base moisturizer to the skin.