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Sweet Knee Bubbly Soap Giveaway & Natural Essentials Gift Certificate

27 Feb

When we think of a baby, one can’t help but think of how innocent a baby is and as a mother you would do anything to protect your baby. But do you know that the average baby is born with about 2oo chemicals already present in their tiny body?

Baby Skin care products are often laced with toxic chemicals and one of my mission is to seek out natural gentle skin care for my babies.  Here is one of the many baby wash that I love and used on my babies.  Sweet Knee Bubbly Soap

Sweet Knee Bubbly Soap

We are giving away a Sweet Knee Bubbly Soap  and a $5 Gift Certificate to Natural Pure Essentials

Sweet Knee Bubbly Soap is 100% natural castile soap that is infused with calendula and mandarin. The bubbly soap dispenses in a light as air fluffy puff and it is nice to just use your hands with this product to rub on baby. Sweet Knee soap is free of

surfactants, synthetic preservatives and parabens and is gluten free

Ingredients:  saponified oils of cocos nucifere (coconot)*, olea europaea (olive)*, and simmondsia chinensis (jojoba)*, aloe vera*, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) extract, citrus reticulata (mandarin) essential oil* and cal. officinalis (calendula) extract*

We use Sweet Knee Bubbly Soap as a baby wash, shampoo and it is also great for making baby wipe solution for cloth wipes.

Enter now to win   a Free Sweet Knee Bubbly Soap and Gift Card.


Eco Nuts Soap Nuts Review

8 Jan

When I first read someone’s blog that they were using Eco Nuts soap nuts to wash their cloth diapers, I thought to myself how can a bunch of nuts clean stinky cloth diapers. I  must say that I was intrigued by these nuts because I started researching Eco Nuts and even asked a few moms who used them “how well do they clean the diapers”? I also contacted the owners of Eco Nuts and they explained all the benefits of using Eco Nuts to me and sent me some information.

What Caught My Eyes on the brochures was that they were NOT MAN MADE.

Eco Nuts™  Soap Nuts are a berry that grows in the Himalayas that naturally produces a soap. The soap is called saponin, a natural cleaner that works as a surfactant, breaking the surface tension of the water to penetrate the fibers of your clothing, lifting stains from the fabric and leaving dirt suspended in the water that is rinsed away. Eco Nuts™ are wild-harvested, meaning they are gathered from wild trees grown without any kind of chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides. The saponin actually tastes bad to insects so no pesticides are needed, and the trees naturally love poor uncultivated soil

Both my girls have eczema and detergent is just one of the many things that cause a flare up. I was out of my element because I though this would the perfect detergent for us but I was also nervous because I didn’t really believe that the nuts would work.

I got a few samples of both the nuts and the liquid. I told you before that I didn’t trust the nuts so I tried the liquid first. The dryer didn’t even come to a complete stop before I grabbed the diapers out of the dryer and sniffed…NOTHING… absolutely nothing! I ran to the living room and gave the diapers to my mother-in-law to smell and she said “Hmm I don’t smell anything.” I then ran to my husband and gave the diapers to him to do the smell test.  “I don’t smell anything he told me.  I told him that I washed the diapers with the Eco Nuts detergent. He said to me “there you go now you have a soap for the girls that you don’t need to worry about.”

A few days later we lost power. I had to hand wash my diapers so I decided to use the Eco nuts since I was still testing them but I also didn’t want to use anything else that could cause any skin irritations since I wasn’t going be wearing a gloves. I am happy to report that they came out nice and clean.

After about a month, I finally decided it was time to try the nuts and I will tell you I that cheated and added some liquid as well…I know.  The second time I didn’t though and must say there was no big difference in how they cleaned the diapers. Now that I got used to using the nuts, I can’t decide which I love better the nuts or the liquid.

After testing out the Eco nuts soap for a few months and I haven’t had any issues with it, I decided to add it to our store Natural Pure Essentials . If you have used Eco nuts, feel free to leave a comment on how it works for you.

Flip Organic Day Pack Clearance Sale

4 Jan

We are clearing out our  Flip Organic Day and Organic inserts to make more for new products.

How to hand wash cloth diapers

4 Nov

Hand Washing cloth diapers is not a New Concept at all. In fact, back in the days when there were no washing machines, cloth diapering moms would hand washed their baby’s cloth diapers. I remember my mom soaking and hand washing my sister’s diapers. Still, I wouldn’t have thought I would be hand washing cloth diapers because we have a washing machine.

The very first time I hand washed my daughter’s diapers we were away on vacation. Why would I want to hand wash while on vacation…after all I should be relaxing. Well, I had brought along hybrid diapers but found that I preferred to use my prefolds and AIO at nights instead of the hybrids. Since I only had about 4 diapers, it made more sense to toss them in a bucket than in a machine.

The second time I had to hand it was not by choice but out of necessity. You see last week’s storm, Alfred, left us without power for a week so I jolly well had to roll up my sleeves and get washing. Many people today still choose to hand wash their baby’s cloth diapers. If you are not one of those people, it is still good to know how to as you never know when you might need to. By the way, hand washing diapers is not as hard as it sounds.

Lets get to how to wash cloth diapers by hand

    You can either use a wash bucket or the bath tub. A wash basin/bucket is ideal for a few diapers and the bath tub for a big load.
    Fill bucket or tub with cold water and add diapers. Swish the diapers around to give them a quick rinse. If the diapers are really soiled, you can let them soak for a minutes or overnight. Drain the tub and you are ready to wash the diapers.
    Add hot/warm water to the tub/ bucket, detergent and diapers. Scrub the diapers by rubbing or moving the diapers back and forth between your hands. Some moms have reported that they use a plunger to agitate the diapers….for me I like to use my hands. By the way, feel free to wear gloves.

Drain the tub and add water to rinse the diapers out. Wring out the excess water and hang dry on a drying rack etc.

Are there any benefits to hand washing cloth diapers?

    Yes, hand washing Gets rid of diaper stains better than the washing machine wash. With hand washing you can really focus on areas that need ‘ extra attention’.
    Hand washing is gentler than machine washing so hand washing may extend the life of your diapers.

Different Ways You Can Use Chinese Prefold Cloth Diapers

19 Sep

Chinese Prefold Diapers- Regular White

There is nothing fancy about chinese prefold diapers… no owls, airplanes, flowers, just a plain old white/natural color. Yet chinese prefolds with all its dullness delivers you up versatility that no other diaper can do at an awesomely great price.

For starters when it comes to diapering a newborn, chinese prefold diapers gives you more bang for your bucks. We all know that a newborn goes through a ton of diapers in a day so for about $24 per dozen you just can’t beat that.

Chinese prefolds are real work horse diapers. These diapers just keep on going and going. Even when your prefolds start to fall apart, you can still use them unlike other diapers.  I have some 4x6x4 and after 4 years of rigorous washing, dryer and wearing, the top layers are starting to come off so I took off the top layer and now I have 4x5x4. Guess what, I now use these as doublers in our all in one diapers at nights. What? I am not going to throw them out, my daughter is potty training so why buy new ones.

When it comes to putting on a prefold diaper the possibilities are endless. Jelly roll, newspaper fold, angle twist fold and all the other ways we fold them that just don’t have an official name yet. Try putting on your AIO anyway you please tell me if it works.

You can use them as inserts in pocket diapers, a  doubler for night-time diapers or as a burp cloth. Prefolds are much better at catching baby’s spit up than those tiny burp cloth anyways.

Potty training time? Prefold diaper makes an excellent training diaper for around the house just put them on without a cover and voila you are ready for potty training. Your child will feel when the diaper is wet since there is no cover to trap the body heat and keep the diaper warm and you can feel it too.  If you are the sewing type, go ahead and convert them into training pants.

Is it just too hot out? Let your little one roam about in a prefold without a cover. Since prefold diapers are all cotton and thus breathable they are great to use  during the summer to keep baby’s bum cool.

Baby Got Diaper Rash? Loosely pin a prefold on the baby to allow air to circulate  and help the diaper rash heal.

Prefolds diapers are one of the easiest diapers to clean. You can even hand wash them which is great in all sort of unexpected situations.

So If I were ever to have to pick just one type of diaper, it would be my never  can die CHINESE PREFOLDS.

By the way, when cloth diapering days are done there a tons of things you can use them for like cleaning car, dusting etc….told you these things never die.

Chinese prefolds diapers are available at Natural Pure Essentials in natural and white.

Cloth Diaper Safe Diaper Creams

26 Aug

Your baby has a diaper rash and you need  to use a diaper rash cream but you don’t want your cloth diapers to repel. What are your options.?

Most diaper creams are NOT cloth diaper friendly. They work by creating a barrier between the baby’s bum and the wetness that is exactly what it will do to your cloth diaper… leaves a barrier on the diaper which will cause it to repel or leak.  There are some manufacturers who make diaper creams that are safe for cloth diapers many of which are available at Natural Pure Essentials

  1. CJ’s butter     

Available in some great scents as well as unscented

  1. Homestead Baby Balm & Diaper Rash Oil    

Love Homestead Company Baby Balm for severe diaper rash and eczema patches

  1. Sweet Knee Bun Glaze    

Created with a soothing blend of marshmallow and calendula oil

  1. California Baby 

I have used california baby products before not the diaper rash though

  1. Eco Sprout Bottom Balm 

Eco Sprout makes a nicely scented blend that can be used for cuts as well as windburn

  1. Motherlove Diaper Rash & Thrush Ointment  

Great for yeast infections too

  1. Grovia Magic Stick  
  2. Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm    

Another family favorite for rash as well as cuts, scrapes, sunburn

Cloth diaper safe diaper creams also have the added bonus of actually healing the diaper rash so you may find that you don’t need to use it often. Feel free to add to the list.