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Drs still in the dark about cloth diapers

18 Jan

I am surprise to hear and read articles about Dr still recommending disposable diaper over cloth to parents. The reason dr recommend disposables is that they believe that disposables prevents diaper rash because it keeps the baby dry. Nothing could be more far from the truth. Even though disposable may keep the baby drier than cloth,  disposables contain a lot of chemicals, plastic traps a lot of heat and  many caregiver don’t change the diaper frequently thus causing diaper rash. Many parents are so busy that they don’t want to change diapers often or they want the maxium use out of those disposable diapers before throwing them out.  The problem is a dirty diaper is a dirty diaper no matter how great it can absorb and needs to be changed as soon as it becomes dirty.  Disposable may keep the bum drier than cloth but when the skin stays too long in contact with heat generated from the plastic and bacteria from waste matter, the skin get weak and a rash develops. Changing a diaper frequently is what prevents or helps to reduce diaper rashes.

Babies’ skin are delicate, sensitive and  has the capacitiy to absorb twice the amount of substance an adult skin absorbs. There are a ton of chemicals in disposable diapers. Chemicals such as dixion and sodium polyacrylate are skin irritants and toxic as well. Doxin is listed as a carcinogen and is banned in all the other industrial countries except America. I will never forget how many times the disposable diaper gel spill out on my daughter’s bum because it got too soaked and the thought of what her little body absorbed. That was the end of disposables for me as she is now cloth diapered in daycare as well.

Disposable diapers do not keep the baby’s bum totally dry as many people believe  because they can only hold so much and no more.  As I mentioned before, my daughter diaper gel would spill when the diaper became soaked. I changed her frequently but she was a  heavy wetter so the diaper became soaked quickly. Moisture strips the natural oils off the skin making the skin vunerable to bacteria. Constant movement also causes friction which irriates the skin or chaffing. Once the natural barrier which protects the skin is removed, harmful bacteria from waste matter attacks the skin resulting in yeast infections and diaper rash.  Before I switched to cloth diapers we had a lot of rash episodes. After we started using cloth, we had no more rash. Cloth diapers are breathable, less absorbent so they are changed more often, they don’t have harmful chemicals to irritate the skin and they are soft against the babies bottom thus reducing friction.