Cloth Diaper Safe Diaper Creams

26 Aug

Your baby has a diaper rash and you need  to use a diaper rash cream but you don’t want your cloth diapers to repel. What are your options.?

Most diaper creams are NOT cloth diaper friendly. They work by creating a barrier between the baby’s bum and the wetness that is exactly what it will do to your cloth diaper… leaves a barrier on the diaper which will cause it to repel or leak.  There are some manufacturers who make diaper creams that are safe for cloth diapers many of which are available at Natural Pure Essentials

  1. CJ’s butter     

Available in some great scents as well as unscented

  1. Homestead Baby Balm & Diaper Rash Oil    

Love Homestead Company Baby Balm for severe diaper rash and eczema patches

  1. Sweet Knee Bun Glaze    

Created with a soothing blend of marshmallow and calendula oil

  1. California Baby 

I have used california baby products before not the diaper rash though

  1. Eco Sprout Bottom Balm 

Eco Sprout makes a nicely scented blend that can be used for cuts as well as windburn

  1. Motherlove Diaper Rash & Thrush Ointment  

Great for yeast infections too

  1. Grovia Magic Stick  
  2. Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm    

Another family favorite for rash as well as cuts, scrapes, sunburn

Cloth diaper safe diaper creams also have the added bonus of actually healing the diaper rash so you may find that you don’t need to use it often. Feel free to add to the list.


2 Responses to “Cloth Diaper Safe Diaper Creams”

  1. Ready or Not- A Baby Planning Service September 6, 2011 at 1:32 pm #

    Wondering if I can get more info, samples from your company to offer my baby planning clients?

    • naturalpureessentials September 8, 2011 at 4:04 pm #

      What kind of information are you looking for. I am currently out of samples.

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