Tips On Traveling and Cloth Diapering.

1 Jun
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The first time we travelled with our little one we were not sure about how to do the whole travelling with cloth diaper thing so we opted to use chlorine free disposable diapers. Our daughter couldn’t handle the disposable diapers at all so I decided to try cloth on our next trip. Since then we have being using cloth diapers while on vacation. Cloth diapering while travelling is not as hard as long as you plan ahead.

Here are some things to take into consideration

  1. Take into account is how many days you will be away. For 1-3 days you can always wait until you get home to wash…any longer and you will need access to a washing machine.
  2. Are you driving or flying. With flying, you need to pack and account for weight limits imposed by airline companies. I would also advice packing diapers as well as your babys’ clothes in a carry on luggage so they don’t get loss.
  3. Can you stay with family or  a hotel/suite/vacation home that has a washer and dryer

Things You will Need

  1. Wet Bag—Planet Wise Dry/Wet Hanging Bag is great for storing dirty diapers at the hotel, family or friend’s home.
  2. Cloth wipes, diaper ointment , a bottom cleanser to make clean up easy and a wet bag for daily trips. We used planetwise wet/dry bag this year during our day trips and it made our live so much easier
  3. Diapers – prefolds or hybrids are my favorites
  4. Detergent- sample packs are great to carry instead of a whole bag of soap. Don’t want to buy samples just measure out some of your powder soap into a zip lock bag. Keep in mind when travelling water varies so find out the water type of where you will be staying and plan accordingly to make sure that your diapers get clean.

Best Diapers To Use

It all depends on your preference. Hybrids diapers  are easy to use. I found using  disposable insert made it easier to handle poopy diaper changes while we were on the plane. Once we landed, I switched to using cloth. Hybrids also allow you to use disposable inserts for day trips and cloth at nights if you so prefer. You may also find that they use less space in your suitcase. Prefolds and covers are excellent for travelling especially if you are planning on hand washing . I use AIO when travelling by car.



Remember the point of your vacation is to enjoy yourselves and not to be worried over diapers so pick a diaper system that you will feel comfortable using.


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