Tips on how to find natural and safe sunscreen.

24 May

There are two types of sunscreens physical and chemical. Physical sunscreen uses zinc oxide or titanium oxide to block the sun’s rays. The zinc oxide sits on the skin and acts as a physical barrier and does not get absorbed into the skin. Chemical sunscreen works by using an organic compound such as oxybenzone to absorb the sun’s rays and dissipate it as heat. Chemical sunscreen does get absorbed into the blood stream and can cause allergic reactions.

When looking for a natural sunscreen be sure read the ingredients. Check to make sure that the active ingredient is either zinc oxide or titanium oxide and that the inactive ingredients have names that you can recognize. You should use a physical sunscreen for children and babies since it does not absorbed into the blood stream and is less likely to cause an allergic reaction. As with any skin care products, be sure to read the ingredients and not the label.  You can find a list of natural and safe sunscreen here on the EWG website.  We also carry natural sunscreen at Natural Pure Essentials.


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