Cloth Diapering A Newborn From Birth and dealing with Meconium

14 May

Image by jakekrohn via Flickr

I bought a few infant chinese prefold diapers and bummis covers when we were expecting our first child because I wanted to cloth diaper our baby. However, we got a ton disposable diapers at my baby shower and so I decided to use them up first, then switched to cloth once the disposable diapers ran out. With our second baby I wanted to use cloth right away but read where many moms say to wait until the meconium pass as it would stain the cloth diapers.

Now after 3 years of cloth diapering, I began teaching moms and dads how to use cloth diapers and I got interested in the topic of cloth diapering from birth. As I noted before, many moms advised not using cloth diapers until meconium has passed to avoid staining the diapers. But now that I look back, I wish I had started right from birth as my daughter developed terrible diaper rash within 2 days of wearing disposable. I started polling moms to find out if they used cloth right from birth or not and how did they handle the meconium. Here is what I found out

  1. Dealing with meconium is not much different from dealing with poopy diaper in general.
  2. Many moms say that breastfed poop is likely to stain more than meconium
  3. To remove the meconium from diaper just pre-rinse the diaper with cold water as you would with a poopy diaper
  4. Put a little olive oil on the baby’s butt to help the meconium clean off easier-olive won’t bother natural fiber diaper.
  5. Some moms use flushable liners in the diapers until the meconium passes.
  6. You can use old diapers until the meconium passes.

I would love to hear other suggestions.


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