Using Breast Milk as Medicine

2 May
Breast milk -- the original "breakfast of...

Image by dfb via Flickr

I was awaken in the middle of the night by my hubby asking me “what are we going to give her, she is complaining that her ear hurts and her right eye is red. ” Ok so half asleep and got to think fast. The Poor little thing was in pain. By this time the baby is up, so we all trek downstairs. I warmed some garlic oil and  dropped 2 drops in her ache, then I checked out her eye and it was indeed red. I drop some breast milk in the eye and sent her to bed. The next morning the earache was gone and the eye was a little red. I wiped the eye with warm water and added some more breast milk. Within two days the pink eye was gone. I have always used breast milk in the kids eyes not antibiotics… and for some reason I started to think what I am going to do when my little one are no longer nursing. Of course there are other remedies but breast milk is free and readily available. I will surely miss it.

 Breastmilk  has white blood cells which are responsible for defending the body against infections and diseases;  it can be used to heal and cure illness.  Breast milk is good for diaper rash, pink eye, cuts, scrapes, sore cracked nipples, ear infections  and I recently informed that it can be used to kill certain cancer. So while breast milk provides nutrition for babies, remember it is great to keep some for the occasional cuts and scrapes or minor illness.


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