Menstrual Cups

14 Mar

I am a very private person and I guess motherhood and living green has prompted me to share a part of my personal life… something I rarely do. I am sharing my experience with you about my switch from tampons to reusable menstrual cup.

 I am not a pads person… even though I use them sometimes. I much prefer tampons because they allow me to stay active. However they have their drawbacks. Tampons can cause Toxic Shock syndrome, they leak, irritate and require me to get up during the night to change it.  I have looked into using chlorine free tampons before but they were too expensive. I decided to try the sea sponge tampons but it just didn’t sound too appealing so I gave up on looking. 

I learned about reusable menstrual cups from a lady I was teaching about cloth diapers. She mentioned that she used the diva cup. A few weeks later, mothering magazine had a whole article on reusable pads and menstrual cups.  I figured this one must was written for me because I wanted to learned about alternative menstrual care products. The article mentioned that party in my pants had a free trial program and so I decided to give the panty liner a shot. I waited excitedly for it in the mail.

I got the panty liners and my hubby laughed at me. Well, I am still using them and  I bought more. I think I might know how a cloth diapered baby bum feels…happy, comfortable and soft. So i figured I have the panty liners now I need something for the real period. I did tons of research on menstrual cups and by the way there are not too many info and reviews. After much reading I settled on the lady cup. The only problem is the lady cup is only sold in Europe but since it got the best reviews for small people I bought anyways and I am so glad that I did.

The Use:

Getting the cup in and out of  was quite easy not much different from the tampon. The only thing that I noticed was I felt a little sore after the initial but that didn’t last long.

What I like about the cup:

  • NO LEAK! 
  • No getting out of bed in the nights to change.
  • I can travel long distance without having to worry about having to change a sanitary napkin or tampons and getting leaks.
  •  Easy to wash and clean after use.

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