Bumgenius Elemental Organic Diapers- Hands Down The Best Diaper!

14 Mar

There are not a lot of organic cotton diapers on the market and, when you do find them, be ready to shell out a few $$$ well because  they are expensive. I read so many rave about bumgenius diapers but never really was in a rushto try them. Now that  I have tried the diapers,  I am wondering what took me so long. I wish I had bought these as my first diapers. Bumgenius elemental now make of a major part of my diaper stash and they are also my go to diapers when travelling.

Why I Love Bumgenius Elementals Diapers?

  •  They are well made and are worth every penny. I have being using mine over a year now and they still look good as new. No threads coming apart.
  • They don’t LEAK!  My little one is a heavy wetter and we never had a leak with it. 
  • Makes a great night when use with a good doubler. I alway use prefolds a t night and one night ran out of prefolds so I decided to use the bumgenius with the kissaluvs super soaker doubler and absolutely no leaks after 12 hours.
  • Trim fit and nice bright colors– not all one size diapers fit very well but bumgenius diapers fit quite nicely on my cubby daughter.
  • They have a great resale value

The only negative I really can find with the bumgenius aio is the drying time. It takes me about 1 hour to dry them. The drying time does not really bother me as my prefold takes the same amount of time to dry and I sun dry during the spring and summer time.

You can buy bumgenius elemental diapers at www.naturalpureessentials.com


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