Line Drying Cloth Diapers In The Winter

10 Feb
Oklahoma skies with Diapers

I love drying my cloth diapers outside in the sun during the spring and summer time. Sun drying saves on electric bill, extend the life of the diapers, gets rid of stains and leaves your diapers looking white and clean. This year I decided to try line drying during the winter but mother nature had a whole different plan. We have had so many snow storms that my backyard is buried in snow. Maybe next year I can try again. Here are 2 ways that you can keep your diapers looking white throughout the winter season.

  1. You can hang your diapers out on a drying rack or a line on a sunny winter day then bring them inside  in the afternoon. The diapers will be stiff and frozen so you can either run them through the dryer or leave them to dry overnight on a drying rack.
  2. If you can’t hang them outside–hang them on a drying rack in front of a sunny window. It is the sun rays that get rid of the stains. 

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