Eco Sprout New Laundry Detergent -Cloth Diaper Safe

19 Jan

Eco Sprout just launched their new line of eco friendly natural detergent. Let me first say that the soaps smell heavenly! Every time I pass by I have to stop and sniff…just yummy. The soap is available in 5 scent as well as un- scented and in 2 sizes. My favorites scent are the warm vanilla sugar and lavender chamomile.

The Soap

Eco sprout comes in powder form and is free from dyes, brighteners, enzymes, phosphates and is 100% biodegradable.  It is safe for cloth diaper, those with sensitive skin and can be used for regular laundry. First time users should do a special soak but I must confess that I skipped the pre soak  and my diapers came out smelling fresh and clean. I only use cotton cloth diapers and don’t have any build up or ammonia issues. I did do a soak for my kids clothes and was shock at how black the water was. All this time my old soap has deceived me into thinking it was washing my clothes clean. I have heard many cloth diaper mama rave about how Eco Sprout gets rid of their ammonia and build up issue. I like that it leaves my clothes soft and clean and of course it smells awesome.

Find Eco Sprout at


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