Bottombumpers Side Snap One Size Diapers- My new love!

18 Jan

I recently started using Bottombumpers One size diapers and love them. The first time I tried the diaper on my baby she was wearing only a t-shirt. I called my hubby to take a look and tell me what he thought of the diaper. He came into the room to look and asked me” where is the diaper, I thought you put it on her already”. I told him she is wearing the diaper and lifted up her shirt to show him.

Bottombumpers diapers has a nice trim fit which I think can be attributed to the side snap design  which allows the front panel of the diaper to sit flat against the baby stomach.  The side snap design also eliminates wing drooping which is common in many snap diapers. A++

I only use cotton diapers on my children. I don’t like the idea of synthetic fibers on my babies butt plus my girls have eczema and synthetic fibers  can aggravate the skin. I was a little unsure about the bamboo blend.  I must say that I am loving bamboo organic cotton blend as it has a  stay dry effect without having to use microfiber.

All in one diaper have a long drying time but because bottombumpers soaker are snapped into the diaper and can be removed before laundry, it takes less time to dry than  some of the other all in ones diapers. Also I love that you can adjust the snaps from the inside of the diaper so instead of the outside.

Bottombumpers has introduced the new One Size Diapers in 4 new colors Iceland, Carnation, Espresso and Shamrock and they are now available at


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