EC Method Rocks!

10 Jan

We’ve being using the EC method with our baby since she was 5 months. Now she is 15 months month and I noticed about 1 week ago she wanted to use the potty when her sister uses the potty.  She has being coming to me doing the little potty dance and running towards the bathroom. I am following her cues and of course she is already wet by the time she gets to the potty but she still eliminates. Now a few weeks later, we are getting better at understanding the “potty dance” and actually getting to the potty on time. I am surprised that she initiated the potty training as I was wondering when to actually start.

What I find even more amazing is that she is beginning to show a little bladder control as she will signal to us that she needs to go and by the time we get there and put her on the potty she is still dry. My hubby even commented on it. I have now put her in  imse vimse training underwear during the days.

She enjoys the going to the “bathroom thing”  because sometimes she makes me take her up 4 times within an hour just to sit on it. We haven’t had a poopy diaper in months now and now she is demonstrating that she know when it is time to pee that she has to go to the potty. I am just loving EC method and have to thanks mothering magazine for posting such a great article on elimination communication.


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