Where are the Nursing Dolls-Toy r us

29 Dec

Image by muscolinos via Flickr

 I recently saw an ad by Toy r us for ciccibello doll. When the baby cry’s you have a choice of three bottles to give the baby and one of that choice is juice . Say what! Juice for a baby! I understand that sometimes you may need to feed your baby milk from a bottle but juice for a baby then off course comes the pacifier. Maybe I am overreacting but children live what they see. They learn about parenting base on what they see their parents and other people around them care for babies and they replay the scenarios with their own toys. What is this doll really reinforcing about the way to comfort and soothe a baby. As I said, I might be over reacting.


Cicciobello is doing poorly, He cries and his cheeks glow red, Check his temperature with the special ear thermometer, Maybe he needs a drink? Find the right one to make him feel better, it could be his milk, juice or he may need some medicine, Maybe he needs an injection?, When he is feeling better he stops crying, Give him his dummy and he’ll fall fast asleep. 1 Cicciobello Doll, 1 ear thermometer, 3 bottles (milk, juice and medicine), 1 dummy, 1 syringe and 1 stethoscope


My daughter is always walking around the house nursing her baby but recently grandmother gave her a doll with singing baby bottle and it drives me up the wall. Problem is now my daughter is interested in bottle feeding instead of nursing her doll the way she used to and I feel she is getting confused. I asked her the other day, where does milk comes from and she says bottle then corrects herself and says mommy’s breast. This christmas I wanted to get her a nursing doll and there is none in the big retail stores. I know that they are available at natural stores but they are quite expensive.

So why does this upset me so much…the absense of nursing dolls in major stores says alot about us as a society and our views on breastfeeding. We are subconsciously teaching our kids how to be afraid of their bodies and its natural functions by giving them dolls with bottles. Consequently, we have a society that is afraid of nursing mothers and their breast. Every mammal nurse their young…but we question mother nature’s wisdom. So if you think I am overreacting then why doesn’t any of these big toy retailer stores sell nursing dolls…can you imagine the backlash they would recieve…that’s my point we have a problem with mom nursing  her baby. It should be done in secret behind closed doors. Selling nursing dolls would mean we as a society would have to come to terms with our fears of the breast. Hence the dolls with the bottles.


2 Responses to “Where are the Nursing Dolls-Toy r us”

  1. Saydey December 29, 2010 at 5:58 pm #

    If the fact that your child has a doll with a bottle or a pacifier is the biggest thing you worry about then I envy you. I have seen a few nursing dolls and they are insanely overpriced–over $100. How well do you think those will sell? THAT is why the big retailers don’t carry nursing dolls–they wouldn’t be profitable because they are so ridiculously priced that no one would buy them!!

    And a few words on a pacifier–have you had a baby with colic? Where she just screams and screams and screams and the only time you can soothe her or quiet her down is to give her a sucky and rock back and forth? Have you ever had a baby with such bad jaundice that she has to stay in a light bed for most of the day except to eat? Where she has to have a sucky because the more time out of the light bed the slower her bilirubin comes down and she may get sick? Have you ever been in any situation like this where a sucky is needed? until you have, I don’t think you should hate them so.

    • naturalpureessentials December 29, 2010 at 6:26 pm #

      That’s the point, if the big retailers carried the nursing dolls then they wouldn’t be so overpriced…they are so expensive because they are not in large supply.

      I don’t hate pacificer just that parents sometimes don’t realize they can soothe their babies using other method such babywearing, rocking and comfort nursing. Both of my girls had terrible colic as babies and my little one still does if she eats any dairy or wheat so I know about the screams. I had to wear them all the time in our moby and ergo carrier. My little one was so bad she couldn’t sit up months because her tummy her so much. I could’n even put her in her car seat. They both use mommy as their pacifier even though I offered them a pacifier. Their source of colic was food intolerance which we got help from a naturopathic dr and colic calm.

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