Life with 2 kids- The adjustment from 1 to 2.

9 Dec

No one tells you how big of an adjustment it is to go from having one child to two. After all, if they did we probably wouldn’t have more than one plus the subject is rather a complex. one, so why bother explaining.

 With my first daughter we spend hours snuggling together, we co-slept, read books every night, did tons of arts and craft etc  so naturally when I had the second one I thought I would be able to do the same…no problem.

Well when baby number two arrived we were all happy and big sister was just great. Of course, most of my time was spent with the baby. As time went by, big sister started to show signs of regression. She went from feeding herself to needing to be fed, wanted to be held in the baby carrier all the time, wanted to co-sleep again and the list goes on. Let me tell you, this is the most frustrating thing to have your independent toddler suddenly become dependent. You are counting on the fact that your toddler can help herself only to find out that you have to do everything for her again while trying to care for the baby.

Let fast forward some more, the baby is now a toddler and now the tide has turned. Both girls seems to be getting along super fine so what is the problem …well they have a tornado effect on the house and sometimes mommy’s brain.

There are days when I feel like quitting. I barely finish cleaning up the house and feeling great that everything is in order only to have it messy few minutes later. 

There are days when 3 o’clock rolls around and I realize that I forget to eat lunch. Can you believe that? Yes, the kids are fed but mommy forgets to eat. 

There are days when they are both cranky and mommy has to hold them all day long and I dare not move unless l  want to feel the power of their tantrums.  Why don’t they make mommies with more arms so we can accomplish several task at once.

With all the extra work and frustration there are those days when they make you smile, laugh and I realize how blessed I am to have two beautiful girls.


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