Looking For A Good Nasal Aspirator? Get BabyComfyNose

9 Nov

Our 1st daughter developed a raspy breathing 3 days after we brought her home.  The babycomfynosepediatrician assured us that it would pass as she grew older but by 5 months she had frequent colds and it was hard for her to breathe. We would have to take turns at nights sleeping upright with her in the recliner.  Her nose was  stuffy so we tried to remove the mucus with the hospitals bulbs but they were useless and we ended up throwing them out. After researching nasal aspirator we settled with Nose Frida.  We got 2 Nose Frida, one for the daycare and one for home as she her nose was really clogged up. Nose Frida definitely worked well for us but I got the chance to try Babyycomfynose and prefer it to the Nose Frida for the following reasons.

  • Babycomfynose does not need filters- with nose frida you need to keep buying filters. The babycomfynose features an egg-shaped chamber which reduces air flow so germs don’t travel up the tube. You can use readily available kleenex or tissue in the chamber if you so choose.
  •  I like that they come in two different colors so I can designate a color for each of my kids
  • The babycomfynose comes with a mesh bag to store the aspirator which allows air to circulate and prevent bacteria form growing in case the aspirator isn’t fully dried. THE Nose frida comes with an enclose case so you will need to completely dry the nose frida before putting it in the case-a drawback if travelling.
  • The babycomfynose has lest removable parts which is a feature that I appreciate since my kids love to play doll house with the aspirator. We actually have lost some of the parts to the nose frida.

Babycomfynose is now available at http://www.naturalpureessentials.com/baby-comfy-nose-nasal-asspirator.html.


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