Flu Shot Or No Flu Shot?

1 Nov

According to the CDC “The single best way to protect against the flu is to get vaccinated each year”.  The vaccine is recommended for anyone 6 months and up and is available in two forms the shot or a nasal spray. The nasal spray has a live but weaken form of the flu virus while the virus in the shot has being killed.  Both forms of the vaccine has mercury as a preservative.

We cannot forget about the swine flu out break last year and doctors and other health officials  are urging everyone to get their flu shots as soon as possible.  The first swine flu outbreak occurred in 1976 and one of the side effects noted after the swine flu vaccine was given was that there was “a small increased risk of GBS following vaccination”.” The Institute of Medicine (IOM) conducted a thorough scientific review of this issue in 2003 and concluded that people who received the 1976 swine influenza vaccine had an increased risk for developing GBS. Scientists have multiple theories on why this increased risk may have occurred, but the exact reason for this association remains unknown.” Many people also claim that they develop the flu after receiving the flu vaccine but doctors contend that this is impossible.  The nasal spray has a live virus therefore you can get the flu from the nasal spray.

Scientist predicts base on studies and other factors what flu strain will be responsible for the flu. So just how effective is a flu vaccine based on prediction. What if the strain we get vaccinated for mutates or another strain emerges? We have seen how many bacteria and virus are becoming resistant to many antibiotic and medicines due to over use.

A sound nutrition, clean water and clean environment are  the foundation to good health after all we are what we eat, breathe and drink. We often cannot control our environment but we sure can control what we choose to eat.  Mother nature has also bless us with many natural healing herbs that may help the body in healing itself in event we do get the flu. Some basic food that  such as garlic and onions and herbs such as elderberry are more effective at preventing sickness and even  preventing secondary infections.


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