Baby Got Colic? Simple Remedies To Comfort And Calm Your Baby

1 Oct
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 What is colic?

Colic is used to describe a  baby who just cries for long periods of time, is fussy and irritable for no clear reason. No matter what you do the baby seems as if he or she cannot be consoled. If your child has colic, you know that it is a very distressing experience for both you and the baby. You may feel as if you are going to go nuts from the constant crying, your exhausted from lack of sleep and sometimes feel inadequate .     

How do you know if it colic ?

 A quick way to tell is to watch the baby’s body language and feel the baby’s tummy.     

  • The baby will often arch the back, clench the fists, pull knees to chest and the tummy will feel hard when touched.
  • Baby cries for long time even when you are trying to console him or she
  • Seem to have crying episode around the same time of day or especially after a meal
  • Interrupted sleep. Baby may fall asleep only to wake up a few minutes later crying
  • The baby feels better when held upright as oppose to being in a sitting position
  • Sleeps better on the stomach. Yes they should be put on their backs but when a baby has colic they sometimes will only sleep if they are placed on their stomach. Our daughter slept on my chest every night for a few months as that was the only way we could get some sleep.

What causes colic?

Babies are fed via the placenta while in the womb. Once born they now have to process their own food. Babies digestive system are very immature and  they are prone indigestion, gas and bloating. Nursing moms need to watch the food they are eating as some babies may be sensitive to some gas-producing foods such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, brussels sprouts,  red and green peppers, onions, and beans. Dairy products, eggs and wheat are allergic foods which your baby may not have the ability to deal with. Formula fed babies are also prone to colic as they may allergic to cow’s milk protein. Babies who mom’s produces too much milk are also prone to gas as they swallow a lot of air while gulping down the milk to prevent themselves from choking.     

Pediatrician may recommend  mylicon, an over the counter liquid medicine, but I found that is was not very effective.     

Simple Herbal Remedy for Colic

You can make a simple herbal gas ease tea, which I like to call it,  from the following herbs chamomile, fennel seeds, lemon balm, peppermint, caraway seeds and ginger all of which you can find these in your supermarket or in the tea section. I personally choose to use organically grown herbs which I buy from You don’t need to use all the herbs you can use 2-3 herbs. My own personal blend consists of chamomile, fennel seeds, lemon balm and sometimes peppermint.     

You can take 1 cup of the tea 2-3 times a day if your nursing, add 1 teaspoon to the baby’s formula or milk  2-3 x  for a bottled baby or give 1 teaspoon of diluted tea directly to the baby 2-3 times a day.     

Chamomile is one of the oldest natural remedies use to soothe and relax a fussy baby. You can also use it in its homeopathic form chamomilla. The tea it also great for teething time.     

Fennel, caraway, ginger and peppermint main action is to expel gas from the stomach and intestine, prevent the stomach from cramping and relieve indigestion.     

Lemon Balm helps to calm, soothe and promote better sleep and is also aids in digestion.     

Our daughters has food allergies and since we travel most summers we tend to end up with some stomach problem. I came up with the brilliant idea of travelling with some loose leave gas ease tea and I also made a tincture out of the herbs too.      

Other steps you can use to help your baby: 

  • homeopathic remedy
  •  acupressure
  •  apply a warm water bottle to the baby’s stomach
  • chiropractic treatment which we use with our second daughter
  • wearing your baby in an upright position. couldn’t live without our baby wrap
  • do the bicycle with the baby’s legs
  • infant massage
  • probiotics-lactobacillus bifidus and acidophilius

 There are also 3 effective colic remedies on the market  that you can buy. Most people are familiar with  gripe water and there are also colic calm , my favorite, and colic ease.     


5 Responses to “Baby Got Colic? Simple Remedies To Comfort And Calm Your Baby”

  1. CJS October 1, 2010 at 11:17 am #

    My grandmother (from Greece) used to give us chamomile tea with a little sugar for upset stomachs when we were infants. My baby wasn’t really “colicky”, but she would sometimes get a bit fussy with gas in the first few months of her life. My mother reminded me of the old remedy and told me to try it for my baby. After being warned that home remedies aren’t always safe, I called our ped. to make sure this was okay. “Absolutely!” she said. Apparently she’d done the same thing for her babies as well, and advised me to mix 2oz of hot, full-strength tea with 2oz of cool water (creating warm, half-strength tea). My baby was a little resistant at first, so I mixed in a teaspoon of Xylitol (natural wood sugar – safe and great for oral health). That got her to drink it, and it helped to calm her tummy. Next time, I’ll add some ginger or peppermint!

    • Kaia October 6, 2010 at 6:24 am #

      Not sure if anybody has heard of Baby Bowen? We were recommended Baby Bowen by our midwife and it really is the best thing out there. Mandy absolutely loves it and it really is sooo effective. I have seen a change in her sleep patterns and she is altogether much calmer and happier now. Tried everything else but nothing helped…maybe she was just a worse case. Anyhow, here is a link to teh site

  2. bet365 October 2, 2010 at 10:02 pm #

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  3. xandra January 6, 2011 at 6:23 am #

    Great information regarding colic. Hope parents are more aware on how they can relieve colic sickness on their babies.

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