Similac Formula Recalled

29 Sep

So once again formula is all over the news  and it is not good news. The last time I wrote about formula being in the news was when rocket fuel was discovered in some cans of  formula. Now Abbott is recalling their infant powdered formula because they are tainted with beetles. 

My daughters are  exclusively breastfed and so glad I made the choice to do so. But what about those moms who can’t because of real medical reasons. Not everyone is comfortable using other mom’s milk or even milk from a milk bank. I know that donated from a milk bank is better, cleaner, safer than formula but can be expensive and hard to acquire as milk bank will only give to really needy infants. Formula is readily available, cheaper and touted to be “almost” as good as breast milk so of course mom will choose formula over donated milk.

But alas, is it really as good as breast milk? A breastfeeding mom does not have to worry about tainted milk. Let’s face it, formula is an artificial, factory made food and therefore prone to be contaminated. So what is a mom suppose to do when the very food she relies on to provide nourishment for her baby is contaminated. I find this unnerving and think it is time that stricter regulations be put into place to safe guard against contamination. As stated before, formula is made in a factory so there will always be the probability of contamination. With this in mind, it is time we start encouraging moms to learn to feed their babies the way nature intended. Instead of pumping money into making formula and billions of dollars on formula ads use the money to make donated milk more available to moms and create more milk banks.


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