Mastitis-do you need antibotics

8 Sep

I was out enjoying walking with my little one when my friend call me and gave me some disturbing news. I went home and decided to fold some laundry when I suddenly felt sick. I thought it was the flu for a few seconds but then remembered that you just don’t get the flu within a few minutes. My husband came home later and I told him I didn’t feel well. By the morning, my right breast had a huge lump that was hard as a rock and ached badly. I just wanted the sore, red, hot, hard, lump and pain to go away. I nursed and nursed and nursed and tried every possible nursing positions to try to drain the breast.

I was scared so I call the doctor and got an antibiotic prescription as a back up plan but I was determined to find a way to get rid of the mastitis without antibiotics. I looked up doctor Jack Newman and Kellysmom and found out that if I took care of the mastitis within 24 hours I may not need to use antibiotics.

  • I massaged and combed the breast while taking a hot shower then nurse the baby with baby’s nose right over the sore site. This took some special maneuvering but helped. I would also masage the breast while nursing. Be care not to over massage because that can cause soreness to an already sore breast. 
  • I nursed very often, for long periods of time and after nursing, I applied a cold ice pack 
  • I used cold cabbage leaves
  • I used compress from grated potatoes …only if I knew about earth mama angel baby bosom buddies.
  • Drank a ton of water and rested mostly in the couch all day

I can’t say for sure which method worked the best but I do know my mastitis was gone within 24 hrs of vigilantly working on the breast. I never experienced mastits or plugged ducts again but it was one breastfeeding experience I do not want to live through again. not have to.


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