Can Planting a Vegetable Garden Help Kids Eat Fruits/Veggies

17 Aug

My daughter hates tomatoes and no matter what I do I can never get her to eat them.  This summer we planted a fruit and vegetable garden which consists of zucchini, lemon cucumber, heirloom tomatoes, lettuce and strawberry. We had a nice yield of zucchini and some were so big that they could knock someone out. We have so many that we have to share them with the neighbours. 


Each time we would go to pick tomatoes, my daughter would pick all green cherry tomatoes and take them inside to use in her play kitchen. As the days passed, she would ask “mommy can I try a tomato and I would gladly give her one. She would take a bite and hand it back to me and say” I am done thanks”.  We went to pick some tomatoes today and while I was picking , I just happened to notice she ate a whole cherry tomato. She finally ate a tomato…wow.

Let us rewind a little. I started the seeds inside back in April and she was so interested in the process. She was excited because the seed was going to grow into a plant. Well, that’s what mommy told her so she had to see for herself. She would play with  the little seedlings as they came up so I lost of few of them.  When it was time to plant, her dad bought her a shovel, gloves and hoe so she could help plant the strawberries and the veggies. We would let her water the plants and pull the weeds out.

 She was involved in the process from planting the seeds to picking and I truly believe that experience made her take more willing to try to taste the tomatoes. I also found that letting play with the vegetables I would like her to eat in her kitchen makes her more willing to eat them. If I am chopping kale, would give her a leaf so she can pretend to cook it too. How many  3-year-old do you know that eat their broccoli, kale and other greens?.  I believe the best way to get kids to eat their greens and fruits is to let them experience the joy of growing their own. If you a have limit backyard space, try planting in a pot. Many fruits and vegetables such tomatoes, sweet peppers, strawberries, lemon cucumbers, lettuce can be grown in a  pot.


2 Responses to “Can Planting a Vegetable Garden Help Kids Eat Fruits/Veggies”

  1. Stacy Hancock August 18, 2010 at 11:34 am #

    WTG! i firmly believe being part of the process makes them more willing! my 3 yr old will choose fresh cuke slices over just about anything else. she also loves fresh carrots. we are actually having kale soup today! ;0)

    • naturalpureessentials August 19, 2010 at 10:07 am #

      Healthy eating habits starts now. The best way to get children to develop healthy eating habits is to teach them where our food comes from.

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