Boba Classic 2G Carriers Are Here!! Organic or Classic? What’s the difference

13 Aug

The New Boba Classic Baby Carriers Are Finally Here!!!

The much awaited Boba Classic 2g Baby Carriers are here. So what is the difference between the Boba Classic 2g and the Boba Classic glacierBoba 2G Organic Carriers….not much. The boba classic and boba 2g organic have the same design.

The main differences between Boba Classic and Boba Organic is the Boba Classic is made with natural brushed cotton and the Boba 2G is made from organic cotton. Boba Classic 2g is also manufactured in China which the company says adheres to strict labor laws while the boba 2g organic is made in the USA.

The Boba classic cost $100 while the Boba 2g organic cost $118

Not familiar with Boba features:

  • accommodates children 15-45 lbs
  • front and back carry
  • safety buckle to prevent unintended release
  • Boba comes with an adjustable foot strap/leg support
Boba  Classic 2G Baby Carriers are in stock  qualifies for free shipping.

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