Thinkbaby sunscreen review

20 Jul

thinkbaby sunscreenAs promised, we took the thinkbaby safe sunscreen for a test run on our 5 days vacation. We spent a lot of time at the water park, beach and zoo which means we were constantly outdoors in the 90 degree weather. There were 5 of us that used the sunscreen, including my mother-in-law, who knows nothing about natural living so she was very objective. I am not good at reapplying sunscreens often and often for me means 2 hrs for me so keep that in mind.

Performance/Protection   A++

Absolutely No Sunburn at the water park except for my mother in law who did not put any on. Not even a swim suit imprint.  I used banana boat a few times before I knew how toxic it is and it did not even prevent sunburns. We only re-applied 3 hours after the first application. As I said before, I do not reapply sunscreen often.

Price- You get what you pay for.

When I first heard of the price  $16.99 for  3 oz, I thought it was a bit pricey but you get what you pay for. The sunscreen is not chemical based so of course it is not going to be cheap.  With the Thinkbaby sunscreen, a  little goes a long way and that is even an understatement. It will last a long time. After using it on 2 children, 3 adults for 5 days with reapplication, we still have 1/2 tube left.  The sunscreen is a bit more runny compared to some of the others I have seen and you only need about a penny size or a bit more to start off with. I would caution you not to squeeze the tube but just let it run out slowly or else you will end up way too much.

Color –  B++

The sunscreen is zinc based and thus goes on a bit  white if you use too much. This is the only con I can find for the thinkbaby sunscreen.  To avoid the white look, use a little and work it in then add more if needed.

Water resistant A

The sunscreen is water-resistant. I personally didn’t reapply until 2-3 hours later at the water park and we were fine.

Consistency – I like that is not greasy or slick. Rubs in well if you use a little at a time. Everyone reacts differently to lotions on their skin. I felt that  it left a little thin layer on my skin when applied but my hubby said he felt nothing.

Lastly my mother in law tried the sunscreen after she got burn on the first day of our trip. Her option of it is” it works well” My husband is impressed how he didn’t get burn because he comes home everyday after coaching looking like a red lobster. The only con he and his mother found was that it is a little white but they like that it works great. My hubby and mother in law literally lather on the sunscreen which is too much. Just remember a little at a time. Thinkbaby is a keeper for me. My children have eczema and they had no reaction to the sunscreen. Thinkbaby sunscreen does a great job at preventing sunburns,  is not greasy and is toxic free.

Thinkbaby and thinksport sunscreen are available at Natural Pure Essentials


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