Summer Time = Line Dried Cloth Diapers and Cute Behinds

7 Jul

People love summer time for various reasons, beach, vacation time, sun tan, freedom to enjoy…. I love all those things but I also  love that I get to hang my cloth diapers outside in the sun to dry. The sun is a natural bleacher and sanitizer and most of all it helps to reduce my electric bill. Some people have line dryers but for those with small spaces or exposed back yards with critical neighbours a drying rack is also great. Drying racks hold an incredible amount of diapers and they are available at Wal-Mart or target.   

Sun drying my cloth diapers

Sun drying cloth diapers


 Summer gets really hot and hot usually means more diaper rash but not with cloth. With cloth, I use prefold ( no covers) around the house which keeps the bum cool and is great for EC. Outside , we are normally showing off her cute backside to our the neighbour’s and anyone for that matter and smile as they  woo and awww over them.   


grobaby wildflowers


Mommy I want a bath


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