Boba 2G Baby Carrier Or Ergo Baby Carrier

2 Jul

We got our ergo baby carrier when my first daughter turned 6 months old because my husband wanted a carrier that was easy to use and I wanted a carrier that would not  cause my back to ache….ergo baby carrier was the answer. My daughter loves the carrier and practically lived in the ergo until she was about 2 1/2 yrs old.  We couldn’t live without it, especially on our vacation, as many times I would have to nurse her in it when we were on the go. We love the ergo carrier and after nearly 2 1/2 yrs of use, it is still in tip-top condition.  The only thing we found with the ergo is it is a little short now that my daughter is taller. 

We wanted to get a second ergo after we had our second baby but didn’t like the infant insert.  She is now 9 months  20 lbs and is quite heavy to carry. I find with her the ergo strap are depressing my shoulders and I feel as if she is pulling me down.  Since we travel, we want to be able to keep the children close to us . We got a double jogging stroller thinking it would solve our problem however, we often end up with one child in our hands and the other in the ergo.  Needless to say we are back to looking for another baby carrier for baby # 2. I wanted to try something different from the ego and found the boba 2g.

 boba 2g baby carrier

The boba 2G  is a few more inches taller than the ergo  making it great for tall toddlers and also carries the child higher up than the ergo carrier. Boba 2g also features a foot rest strap for toddlers.  Now that I think of about the foot strap, it  is more  restful to put your feet up than to let them dangle. I give Boba an A+ for thinking of this.  The boba 2g  is also wider than the ergo and wraps around you almost like a baby wrap carrier which make you feel as if you and the baby are one. If you have ever used a baby wrap carry you will know how secure and comfortable it is and the boba 2g mimic that wrap feature.  This is awesome for heavy babies like mine as the baby won’t feel as if he or she is pulling you down. As a matter of fact, I rather carry my daughter in our wrap than the ergo for this reason.  As a bonus feature, I love that the boba is an organic carrier and made is in the USA. Boba features some great colors too and designs.  Check them out at


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