Thinkbaby Safe Sunscreen

29 May

Spring has sprung and summer is at our doorstep and so is the increase use sunscreens and sunblock. The sun is important because it supports all forms of life and is vital to our very health. Sunlight  is also natural source of vitamin D which is essential for calcium absorption and healthy immune system yet too much sun can damage the skin and cause premature aging and skin cancer.  

When we took our daughter to the beach or for vacation to Florida, I used aloe vera gel with vit E on her to prevent sunburn, as I could not find a natural sunscreen that I could use on her.  With baby number 2, the search began again for a safe sunscreen and we discovered thinkbaby thinksport safe sunscreen. I immediately called up thinkbaby and asked for a list of the ingredients. The owner, Kevin, sent the list of ingredients and I think I must have told him thanks a million times and tried to hug him through the phone.  

We finally found a sunscreen that we felt was safe our daughters!!!….and has a zero rating in the EWG database.!!  The sunscreen has all the good stuff like aloe vera which prevents and heal sunburn, carrot oil which is a great skin healer and regenerator. Not one toxic ingredient. Like many of the products in our store, we test them on our own children and so the sunscreen will be tested when we go on vacation this summer. We are excited about thinkbaby, thinksport safe sunscreen and we must say thanks Kevin.  Our first batch sold like hot potatoes and another batch is on its way. I hope you are excited as we are to see a toxic free sunscreen filled with nourishing and protective plant base skin healers. Get your thinkbaby, thinksport safe sunscreen before summer comes as they are going fast.  

thinkbaby safe sunscreen

Thinkbaby thinksport safe sunscreen


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