Elimination communication helps Regression In Toddler

28 May

We started potty training our 1st  daughter at 18 months and by 2 years old we were almost diaper free. We even spend most of our vacation diaper free miles away from home. I was so elated because baby number two was on the way and I wouldn’t have to diaper two children.  However, little did I know I was going to be in for a surprise. After the baby was born, my toddler started having accidents and sometimes would intentionally pee on herself. I knew she was regressing because of the baby and I was getting frustrated….then mothering magazine feature an article on  elimination communication and the light bulb went off .  Why not use Ec method with the baby so my toddler won’t feel left out.

I was amazed at how interested my daughter was with the baby’s bowel movement. The first day I put the baby on the potty… and waited but nothing happened so I decided to put her in a prefold diaper without the cover so I could see  what she was doing. By day three, I started to pick up on her bowel movement cues. I realized that she would potty right after naps. I got her to poo in the potty a few times and was happy that I did not have to clean a few what would have been “blow outs” Of course big sister would come on over to inspect and exclaim “mommy she poop like me”. 

After a while my daughter started to show more interest in using the potty again and was having fewer accidents. She would sometimes ask to use the baby potty but I insisted that she used her own. Pretty soon we were having less fights about going to the potty.

Because EC method involves observing elimination cues, I  was able to pick up on my daughter’s subtle cues which enabled me to get her to the potty before she would have an accident.

Something I found interesting is my toddler is also picking up on her sister’s elimination cues.  This morning my toddler came and told me “mommy maddy needs you, I went to check and maddy is pooping in her diapers. I cleaned her and let her finish up on the potty. Now she just yells”mommy maddy needs to poop or mommy maddy is peeing” Why I  did not think of EC before. Oh well. So I figured out one problem, but then Ambrosia threw me another. I am introducing foods to the baby and Ambrosia yells, mommy I licked out all the avocado”. She ate the baby’s food. Great!


One Response to “Elimination communication helps Regression In Toddler”

  1. Mike September 8, 2010 at 8:08 am #

    I love this pic! Maddy is so sweet sitting on the potty and smiling!

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