Baby Wearing Week

25 Mar

I wore my 2 1/2-year-old daughter Ambrosia up to this summer while pregnant.  I packed away her ergo soft pack carrier after our vacation because we didn’t need it anymore. We then got a moby wrap for our second daughter, who hated being carried in the cradle position, because she was experiencing tummy pain due to wheat allergy(we did not know that yet) she wanted to be held upright all the time.  Unlike Ambrosia, Madison would sleep anywhere you put here so I didn’t use our moby as often as I thought I would. By the time she turn 5 months, things changed, I began wearing her more often, so I could get work done. Recently, my 2 1/2  year-old has started whining,” hold me” “hold me” and I was becoming frustrated because I couldn’t hold her, do chores, fill orders, attend to the baby and everything else between. One day I decided to see if the baby could fit into the ergo carrier but she was too little to fit. Ambrosia started saying “hold me” and out of desperation I put in the carrier and volia` my troubles were over. She was the happiest camper in town.     

 Well, it seems like this week is the baby wearing week because both have being teething and wants extra attention. I don’t know what I would have done without our carriers. We have three and I am thinking of adding another back carrier to the lot for this summer vacation. One for mommy and one for daddy. Here is a picture of me wearing our kids at night a few hour before their bed time because they were so cranky.     

Mommy wearing her 2 babies


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