Natural Teething Remedies

23 Feb

Teething can be hard on babies as well as the family. Not only does the baby have a hard time with pain and tender gums,  but the stress of teething also weakens their immune system making them prone to catching colds, experiencing fever, ear infection and other such delights.

  • offer a clean cold wash rag to chew on-just dip the rag in ice water- the colds numb the gum
  • offer a natural wooden teething ring or a natural rubber one like sophie the giraffe to chew on to massage the gum- plastic teething leach chemicals and I am still weary of bpa free ones.
  • Hyland teething tablets are great for calming and soothing baby– hyland teething gel has parabens.
  • If baby has severe pain,  dilute 2 drops of clove essential oil in 1-2 tablespoon olive oil and apply to the gums- test the mix on your own gum to make sure it is not too strong as clove oil can burn the gum if is too strong or cause upset stomach. Clove oil has being used for centuries by dentist to numb the gums before surgery.
  • Some babies may develop ear infection- use garlic oil to drop into the ear;  for small babies apply behind the ear or on the feet. Massage from the ear along the jaw line and around the throat to help drain fluid from the ear.
  • Chamomile is great for teething especially if he baby is cranky or gassy. You can also use chamomila which a is a homeopathic version of chamomile.
  • Amber teething necklaces I started using amber teething necklace with my second daughter and I am just amazed at how much it helps her. I don’t need to use the hyland chamomila at all.

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