Ditch the hold your breath cleaners for safer ones

25 Jan

Many of  the cleaners we are using are very toxic and hazardous to our health.  Some even  release toxic fumes in the air that iritate the lungs, causing coughing and wheezing especially in people with asthma. They also off gas toxic fumes that pollutes our  indoor air especially in the winter when our homes are air tight, indoor air  becomes highy toxic quickly.  Instead of reaching for the lysol and other commerical cleaners, try some simple but potent cleaner often found right in your home.

  • Vinegar- the acid in vinegar kills germs without releasing any toxic fumes. Use vingear for cleaning your kitchen, bathroom, toilets, door handles, rinse cloth diapers, to clean your washing machine, windows and the list goes on. Put  the vinegar in a spray bottle and spray on surfaces you want to clean.
  • Add  a little lemon or tea tree essential oil to water or vinegar and use  when cleaning your kitchen.
  • Instead of using chemical air fresheners, use a natural air freshener made from citrus or essential oil. 
  • Combine vingear and baking soda to wash bathtubs, face basins, or any area that needs scrubbing.
  • Instead of using bleach to whiten the laundry, try oxiclean -works great.
  • Need to clean the oven, mix baking soda with water to form a paste and appply to grime , let stand for 20 minutes or few hours then scrub.

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