Regular meds vs homepathic med

13 Nov

When my daughter was having severe breathing problems and we took her to the ENT, she had 80% of her airway blocked.  He said he would have to  remove her adenoids and while he was at it he would give her ear tube. My husband looked at him as said why she needs ear tubes because this is the first time she has ever had fluid in her ear and she had never had an ear infection. His response was he does it all the time. One month later we were refered to a naturopathic dr who told us she has food allergy and gave her homeopathic meds to reduce her adenoids. My daughter is breathing so quietly that we sometime wonder if she is alive because we were so used to her noisy breathing. This was the turning point for me.  Just after 2 weeks on homeopathic meds my daughter was during fine and of course removing the food she was allergic to. I started wondering why my ped didn’t mention this to me. We had the same problem again with her eczema, ped offer no information just steroid cream while the naturopathic dr told me she has some form of allergy and that I should chart her food and observe her for reactions and to do this with even the new surrounding etc. I have new awareness about things that I never had before just because I started to question things that I took for granted or as the norm.  Modern medicine is very important as it saves many lives each day and help other live a better life each day but should not be overused for little things that the body if left alone the body will heal. Our bodies have an amazing ability to heal itself. Take for instance a cut,one that does not expose layers of flesh etc, will heal on its own. However, there are instances when that cut might need help in healing due to infection etc. What I have learned is we need to teach our body to heal itself .

What I have come to realize is doctor’s are trained to treat the symptoms and not the cause which sometimes leads to more problems.  I was surprise to learn nutrition is not a major part of their training, which is the foundation to a healthy body. The worst part is that the drug companies often provide training seminars for doctors, give  millions of dollars to hospitals and dr for using their drugs. The problem with this is, doctors and hospital might be more inclined to favor drug companies over patient’s because that where the money is thus leading to poorer service and more unnecessary prescriptions. Often doctor’s don’t even question the safety of some of the things they do or recommend. Drugs are sometimes passed for use without proper testing and it is not until people have severe reactions do they get pull off the market. As Michael Jackson  dermatologist said, some dr just don’t know any better to question the use of some drugs because that’s how they are trained.


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