let the baby cry it out.. Good or Bad Advice?

6 Nov

Babies cry and it can be nerve recking at times and some moms let their babies cry and some don’t.  One must be able to ignore the cries in order to let the baby cry it out and that itself can be annoying and drive you nuts especially when you are driving.

Babies  communicate with us through crying.  They cry when they are hungry, need to be change, want to sleep, have tummy ache or want to be held because they may feel alone or afraid. When we let them cry it out we are in essense ignoring what they are trying to tell us. The problem is sometimes parents might not know what the baby cry means and we become frustrated because we cannot console the baby. Hence the cry it out situation occurs. Think of the last time you cried? What caused you to cry? Was the situation a pleasant one? Normally when we cry we have a bad experience or a stressful experience. How do you feel after crying? I normally feel exhuasted and stress. Just think of the baby who can’t console him or herself and is looking to us for comfort.  My little one has serious gas issues and sometimes will not sleep all night and I feel like I am going nuts. How do i handle it without letting her cry it out and I keep my sanity.?

I make sure that the baby is fed, changed and then I put the baby to sleep by either using a sling or wrap. The moby wrap is excellent because it keeps the baby snug to you. Carrying my baby also helps her to sleep longer. You can get somework done and even get some snooze in a chair. I found the big exercise ball works magic. I bounce her to sleep on the ball, the motion soothes her and put her to sleep quickly especially at nights. You can also try putting the baby in a swing  with some soothing music. Take the baby for a walk ; the fresh will do both of you good unless it is night of course. You might be wondering why I don’t mention the pacifer. Both my children spit the pacifier back at me and I don’t push it because it is hard to get them off it. I nurse them to sleep instead. Good luck.


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