Should moms trust their instinct or do as the dr say?

29 Aug

We had our dd 2nd yr checkup and the Dr came in and said we are very concern about your daughter. She is not properly vaccinated and she is not gaining weight. He went on to tell me about a boy who had measles on the plane and three  people got it. Then he told me she needs more calories because she is not gaining weight. Well the scale just said she gained 3 lbs in 6 months. I asked him what would he like me to do since she eats alot of food and has a ton of energy. He told me to give her some supplement called duco not sure of spelling, it is in the garbage. I told him she consumes an adult size bowl of homemade cereal and wants more plus she eats 3 more solid meals for the rest of the day, “what more would you like me to feed her.” He says she needs more food. The other Dr that was checking my daughter said “oh your tummy is making noise”. At this point, I am just puzzled because I would like to know what standard there is for weight gain.  I am pregnant and I am only 135 lbs and no I haven’t lost weight and my husband it having a hard time feeding me and my dd. I finally ask him wouldn’t her length be affected and he said eventually. I then asked him so how many lbs should she be gaining since 3 lbs wasn’t enough. He went and checked her growth chart and started comparing her notes from birth with the chart they had plotted for her. Well someone was plotting the chart incorrectly. Here I am being bereated for not feeding her well and she needs to gain weight only to find out they were not charting her weight correctly. I am so surprised that the dr did not even considered the fact that everyone has different metabolic rate and growth rate…some people are small and some big. He even told me she should get tested for celiac disease. Lesson learned I had no intention of giving her that supplement because I knew my daughter was eating a well balance meal. She does not eat junk food and has being growing in length and weight.  He apologized profusely and told me I am a smart woman. He also told me the avg American infant is also overweight anyways. Moms you live with your children and know when they are ok or not. Trust your instinct and don’t be afraid to ask questions if something doesn’t feel right or sound right to you.


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