Why buy BPA free bottle and cups

24 Jul

Bpa and phlathates are all over the news because of the discovery of the chemicals in baby’s urine. However, many researchers have spoken about the dangers of these chemicals years ago but they were ignored. BPA and PVC can be found in most everyday plastic containers including plastic baby bottles, sippy cups, plastic plates, water bottles, in the lining of can baby formula, lotions baby shampoo and conditioners toys food wrapping. These chemicals are known to suppress the immune system, disrupt hormonal balance causing early onset of puberty, sperm reduction in baby boys ete. The problem is we are exposed to these chemicals on a daily basis and can only try to reduce our exposure. Many companies are making BPA and PVC free baby items such as BPA free plastic sippy cups and bottles and toys but I am sure they are going to find more chemicals later on in plastic. For a peace of mind, why not just buy products that are made of inert material or made from a natural source such glass baby bottles and stainless steel sippy or wooden toys with plant base paint. Plastics are not inert and become more reactive when they are hot so who knows what else is leaking into your baby’s food or drink. With that being said, toddlers are strong will and sometimes will want to use plastic cups or plastic plates or there might be instances when you don’t have a choice ete. The best plastic to use in that case is the  #1 or 2 HDPE.


One Response to “Why buy BPA free bottle and cups”

  1. Yayan.M September 3, 2010 at 10:34 am #

    I agreed, I think government should make rules about it. Otherwise manufacturer will still going to production, and our friend who did not the side effect, will bought it anyway


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