The joys of potty training

11 Jul

We started potty training  at 18 months and my daughter did well for the first month or so and then decided she did not want to go so it was a hit and miss. She is now two and we decided to seriously start training her. We potty trained at home for a while then we took it to the next level…potty training on the road. We got an extra potty for the car so she could use it on the road and yes put training pants on her while driving. Very risky business.  She actually pooped once in the potty  and what a stench it was but we were close to home and she got the message that poop goes into the potty. You can either wait till you go home to discard of waste or discard at a rest r0om if travelling long distance.  We went to New York and allowed her to go at the rest stops on her own potty. When we got to New York,  she was dry for 3 hrs so I panicked and tried to get her to drink but she refused. I thought she must be dehydrated. I tried to get her to use the public restroom and she refused. Finally we went to her potty and she did a big pee and poop. She was holding it in all this time. I have heard other parents say that kids don’t like public toilets and I hate the thought of them too because they are so nasty. We had no problems with accidents at all so I was surprised. The next big trip is to Florida and I am still trying to figure out what to do. I guess I will buy some toilet seat covers for her and see if she will use the public toilet of course the clean ones. Suggestions are welcome.


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