Bumkins All In One Diaper

22 Jun
Bumkins all in one

Bumkins all in one


Bumkins diapers have the cutest  prints and my daughter loves the animals and the different mode of transportation on them. I get a lot of  “oh those are so cute from my friends.” I love them because they are trim and fits nicely under her clothes without being bulky. My daughter is on the chunky side so we always have problems with jeans. Bumkins all in one diaper is the only diaper that fit under jeans without being tight especially around her stomach they also double as swim diapers as they are not heavy when they get wet.. They are easy to dry because the soaker is only attach at both end of the diaper. See below pic  

Bumkins diaper insert opening

Bumkins diaper insert opening


The outer waterproof section is very soft and silky and most of all the velcro does not wear out easily at all. The new tabs also allows you to get a better fit on your baby even if the diaper is big. Lot of diaper velcro wears out after time but my bumkins diapers has gone through tons of wash cycle  and the velcro is still holding up well.  I was a little afraid to buy them at first because some moms reviewed the diaper and said it leaks. My daughter is a heavy wetter and we found that adding a doubler to the diaper works wonders no leaks and still trim fitting.  Check out www.naturalpureessentials.com for more prints and pricing


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