Nursing while pregnant part2

2 May

Well, i thought that I was going to go with the flow and nurse her until she was ready to wean. She is a breast -aholic and will nurse like up to 6 times a day if you let her. She always find a way to squeeze in all her milk time no matter how much food she ate. She would nurse 2 times at night at 12 and 4. I did not have a problem with that until the fatigue stage of pregnancy hit. I couldn’t get up twice at nights and function at work. I was always exhausted. I decided to cut out the night feedings so we started with the 12 am. I would rock her to sleep when she got up but after 2 nights and was too tired so I decided I wanted to sleep and move to another room. When she got up at 12, her dad would take her and put her back to sleep. The first night, she yelled and I felt bad but after about 5 minutes,she was talking to her daddy about the farm animals and then went to sleep. After a few night she stopped getting up at 12 and started getting up at 2 instead. I nurse her for a few days then started having her dad rock to sleep again. She then moved her nursing time to 4am and I would nurse and then start the process over till we got to 5 am. One night I put her to sleep with me and she slept until 5 in the morning so I realize she could go all night without milk. She will sleep until 5 most morning then ask for milk and I would nurse her then. Now I can can my night’s rest.


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