Nursing while pregnant part 3

2 May

First it was the night nursing that went out the door and now I am trying to completely wean her. It was smooth sailing after we weaned night nursing but then the end to the first trimester the breast got too sensitive and I couldn’ deal with it anyone. We tried reducing number of nursing by offering food and yes I use her favorite food such as pancakes, cookie ete. I tried to explain that milk is all gone as the supply has dwindle and that the rest of the milk is for the baby but she would not hear it. Well, she decided that her 4 pm milk is a must and so I am having a hard getting her to quit at 4. I am so ready to quit nursing so I actually don’t feel bad and I know it is the pregnancy hormones at work. She will be 2 next month so I feel that I gave her all a good start. I wanted to nurse her until she was two but i guess I got close enough.  I thought we would do child led weaning and I guess I would if I were not pregnant but sometime life bring about changes and you have to go with the flow. I learn there is no one way to wean. Everyone has to figure what works and doesn’t work as what works for one baby might not work for another. The big question is will she want to tandem nurse and how will I feel about that or will she be all done with nursing.


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