What’s in your baby’s product?

27 Apr

What is in your baby’s skincare product? When my daughter broke out is rashes after using  Johnson and Johnson baby products, I went to the EWG to see the rating on the products and they had ratings of 8, 9 and 10 meaning highly toxic. It beats me how a company could knowingly put chemicals in their products that can harm a baby. For example, those no more tears shampoos contain anaesthetics to numb the eyes so the babies or toddlers can’t feel the soap stinging the eyes.  Just try reading some of those ingredients names and hopefully you won’t bite your tongue trying to say them. Check out the www.EWG.org  for a list of what is in your baby products and their ratings. I was glad to find that there were companies that sold natural skincare products. Be careful to always read the ingredients because anyone can put natural and organic on their products but that does not mean that it is natural or organic.


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