Formula contamination

3 Apr

Once again formula is in the news and it is not good news. This must be so distressing for the many moms who rely on formula to feed their babies. One would think that in such an advance country as ours we would have to worry about contaminated formula. For some parents formula is the only choice they might have because they cannot breastfeed due to serious medical conditions. I don’t use formula, but I know that if I did, I would be very angry that our government does not regulate the ingredients that goes into our babies’ food. The reason we are only knowing about this is because there are so many groups doing independent research and giving reports thus putting pressure on the government to regulate the food and other industries. The EWG is one such group which also reported that can formula has BPA leaching into formula but the government as well as the formula makers say that the level is so small that it is not a health risk.  There are other types of  formula such as soy but soy has its own set of problems. What is a mommy suppose to do if she cannot rely on the very people in charge to make sure that her baby formula is safe? I recently learn that before formula became a big thing, people use to make their own formula. Yes you read correctly. I found few such recipes in Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon.  There are several websites and books that offer homemade formula recipes. Here is one such site.

I have not tried  any of them nor am I a qualified dietitian so I cannot endorse any of them but thought I would share this information.  We need strict regulations on what goes into our babies food.


One Response to “Formula contamination”

  1. nancyjones123 April 19, 2009 at 6:24 pm #

    I have also been breastfeeding my baby since birth. He is now 9 months old. But after a time span, I have to switch to . I really didn’t know of this contaminated formula food. It itself sounds so scary. What would be the way out then…??

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