Cloth diapering for newbie

23 Mar

I remembered seeing my little baby sister in cloth diapers as a child so the idea of cloth diapering was not new to me. However, that was many years ago. I was a little nervous when we bought our prefolds. I remember my husband asking if I knew how to use them.  I set out to learn the different ways to fold a prefold, which you can find on the internet. I would practice on our teddy bears. My husband quickly found out he like to just insert the diaper into the diaper cover while I liked shaping,  folding the diaper and pinning it to look like a regular diaper. The thing with cloth diapers is you have to see what works for you.  There are tons of diaper styles and fabric out there. Read about the diapers and see what you think you might like and even check out the reviews on them. Buy on or two of the diaper to see if it works for you before making a big investment. I always suggest chinese prefolds if you are on a budget and all in ones for the road.

Visit our cloth diaper store for more information on how to with cloth diapers at


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