How signing helps with potty training my cloth diaper baby

28 Jan

I decided that I was going to teach my daughter sign language at 6 months. There were times when I felt it was not working until one day when she was 8 months her dad said she just signed all done and shortly thereafter eat and other signs. It is a thrill when babies signs back to you.  I taught her the sign for diaper, wet and potty. We got her a potty on her 18 month birthday and showed potty sign and of course my hubby had to put the facial expression with the sign . We allowed her to sit on the potty so she could  get used to it. The next day she ran to the bathroom door and bang on it and showed me the potty sign. I didn’t believe her because I thought no way she could put them together so easily as everyone says potty training is hard and takes a long time. She did potty and I saved it to show her dad. I know gross but I was too happy and excited to think about the smell.  She only signs to poop and occassionly to pee. I think it might be hard to understand the urge to pee but the urge to defecate is stronger. So she is 19 months and as time goes by she gets better at alerting us before any accidents. It is good not to have to wipe and clean poopy diapers. I really can get use to this. Cloth diapers are the best because toddler can feel when they are wet so they can make the association with wet diaper and needing to get change earlier than disposable diapered toddlers.


2 Responses to “How signing helps with potty training my cloth diaper baby”

  1. Linda Easton January 29, 2009 at 6:04 pm #

    Thank you for your inspiring story!

    It is wonderful to hear from parents like you who have discovered that potty training before 2 with the use of sign language makes potty training easy.

    Thank you for helping to spread the word about this baby-friendly, parent-friendly and EARTH-friendly approach to potty training!

    Linda Easton
    Director of Product Development

    • naturalpureessentials January 31, 2009 at 3:51 pm #

      Hi Linda,
      I love signing with my baby. You form such an amazing bond because of the constant interaction and less frustation because you can understand what they are saying. We have so much fun on our walks as she signs bird and we talk about the butterflies, airplanes and car ete. I wish more parents can learn to sign with their babies.

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